The online world through smartphones is spinning so fast.

Until sometimes we do not understand that

that true happiness

Where is it??

Not only that...the digital age also causes people to be emotionally unstable, restless, easily angry, and have low tolerance to the point that it leads to many forms of violence.

Not even a TV show that is filled with competition, competition, like with tricks.

to win against each other in the online digital age

If you want to find a TV program that is like a soothing nectar

After alleviating the suffering of the audience, "The car came to enjoy the fun" answered the question overflowing with hearts!!

"It's a program that will bring fun to you when you come. Enjoy when you come. Where do you find fun? Because we are a program that comes to fun."

No need to pursue any modern steps.

But whatever it is, it's always fun.

Unknowingly dig the laughter and smiles from the audience.

taking viewers to pin in each province

is to spread the fertile land of Thailand

in terms of local arts and culture

Come show off your appearance to the world.


Not modern, this is charming and classy in its own right.

country folk without makeup

But it's a delicious taste.

It's like a favorite menu of mackerel chili paste.

"Cars come to enjoy fun" search-extend the wisdom of each province to be touched.

Converted to a simple game

Can break the wall of stress

Thank you Twin Flame producers, singers and actors.

and smart presenter

Draw patterns to the heart from the beginning to the end.

Avoid the hustle and bustle of the online world.

Put down your smartphone and turn on "Thairath TV" Channel 32 on Saturday evening (around 6 o'clock).