The head of the Belarusian school in Warsaw, Ales Lozka, said that from February the Ukrainian language will be given the status of a foreign language in Polish schools.

And he asked whether it is possible to achieve the adoption of the same decision regarding the Belarusian language.

Alina Kovshik replied that on January 24, representatives of the United Transitional Cabinet are scheduled to meet with the Minister of Education and Science of Poland Przemyslaw Cherniak, and she plans to address the minister with the same proposal.

"If there are 7 Belarusian children in the school, we will also ensure that they have the opportunity to learn Belarusian as a foreign language.

We plan to open Belarusian Saturday schools all over Poland.

The work is ongoing, it takes time.

Representatives of the Joint Transitional Cabinet

And we hope that the children will pass the exam in the Belarusian language, receive certificates, and when they return to their homeland, these marks will be transferred to them in Belarusian diaries," explained Alina Kovshik.

As for opening a Belarusian lyceum for teenagers in Poland, there are no plans to do so yet.

"For now, we are focused on teaching younger children, because there are much more of them in Poland," said Alina Kowszyk.