Yang Lijing went to Longshan Temple to worship and pray for blessings, wishing her parents health and success in the new year.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

Reporter Lin Xinying / special report

Yang Lijing specially bought the "Lucky Ping An Talisman" to be consecrated by the incense burner.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

What do you do during Chinese New Year to start the new year?

For Yang Lijing, it is likely to be goodbye. She can be said to have worshiped since she was a child. When she was studying in Hualien, she would drive around Hualien City with her family and start a "bye-bye marathon" that took several hours. Not only in Hualien , Taipei's temple also resides in Yang Lijing's heart. During the Spring Festival, she also went to Longshan Temple to pray for smooth work and health.

Yang Lijing specially went to Longshan Temple to worship, praying for Guan Shengdijun to bless her work and prosperity, and the most important thing for Guan Shengdijun is to pray for health, safety, wealth, and career. She started worshiping Dijun. This is also because she played a policewoman when she was filming. She would worship Guan Shengdijun with the crew, and her faith also made her feel at ease. It’s not that I pray like this every year, it often turns my bad luck into good luck.”

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Baibai has always been a custom of keeping the year in Yang Lijing's family. "At around 11:30 in the evening, we will take a bath first, then change into red underwear, and start to worship in order along the famous temples in Hualien City. It’s past two o’clock, and we’ll go to eat late at night.” She also shared her secret method of good luck, that is, she would buy red and purple for inner beauty, and she also said with a smile that it was for “red to purple”.

When talking about New Year's wishes, she said with emotion that in the past two years, she began to feel that health is very important. She also said that she used to mainly ask for herself, but now she mostly puts her parents first: "I hope my parents are in good health, and if the nobles appear, the villains will retire." In the new year, she is also planning to go to China to shoot dramas, and there are also online programs being planned. She also tells herself that she hopes to move forward in the new year. "Whether you encounter good or bad, the old one Years have passed, and I hope to move forward to a better future.”

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