[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] "Little Sweet" Zhang Keyun and her 13-year-old husband Song Jinxian's marriage and domestic violence have caused a lot of trouble recently, and the divorce lawsuit between the two will continue after the year.

Yesterday was New Year's Eve, Britney didn't sit around the stove at her husband's house, but went to celebrate the new year with her daughter Mi Tai's godfather "King Kong" Li Xinqiao. Song Jinxian described her recent feelings as "a needle in the bottom of a woman's heart".

Xiao Tiantian took her daughter to King Kong's (left) house to celebrate the New Year.

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Britney took her daughter Mi Taimu and King Kong's family for a reunion dinner. She posted many photos of King Kong kissing and hugging her goddaughter Mi Taimu, and even playing fairy sticks together. , she wrote: "Godfather (King Kong)'s parents, sisters, brothers-in-law, brothers and sisters, all accompanied her to have reunion dinners and play games, and even taught Mi Taimu to play games, draw pictures, slide and ride ducks, and play fairy sticks for her. Look at her! She is so happy! It really gave Mi Tai a full first experience, and she had a very happy and fulfilling New Year's Eve. I am really embarrassed... This year she took a lot of red envelopes from uncles, aunts, grandmas, brothers and sisters. He is such a happy and intelligent child. Thank you everyone for loving Mitami so much, and also correspondingly loving Mitami's mother."

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Song Jinxian expressed his recent feelings with "a needle in the bottom of a woman's heart".

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King Kong is the godfather of Britney Sweets' daughter.

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Song Jinxian, who has no wife or children to accompany him, posted a selfie in a limited-time dynamic. He said helplessly: "After the recent incidents, I can only say that women have needles in their hearts...." ", reluctantly smiled and said to YA: "I wish you all a good year of the rabbit and don't keep throwing up while drinking."

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