[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Taiwanese singer Weng Liyou was promoted to husband last year. He was still busy making money during the Lunar New Year. He temporarily left his wife on New Year's Eve and flew to Singapore to participate in a commercial performance. Tonight, he will return to Taiwan for the Nantou Lantern Festival Singing, you can reunite with your wife by the fire in the second day of junior high school.

Weng Liyou was busy grabbing money during the Spring Festival, and thanked the God of Wealth for his blessing.

(Provided by Hao Kee)

47-year-old Weng Liyou announced the good news on New Year's Day, announcing his marriage to his young wife Emily, and received a lot of blessings. This year, he released a new album "Dao Ma Dan". He was full of work and sang from New Year's Eve to the first day of the new year. He spent 48 hours as a "trapeze". He said, "Although New Year's Eve was spent on stage, I am very grateful to have been taken care of by the God of Wealth since the Year of the Rabbit."

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Weng Liyou left his wife and flew to Singapore to participate in a commercial performance.

(Provided by Hao Kee)

Weng Liyou laughed at himself as a "toiled life", "Before the epidemic was severe, I felt very tired when I stayed at home and had nothing to do. I am very happy to be a trapeze again. It feels so good to move. I hope that my new year's keyword "rabbit" will be exhibited. "

After visiting Singapore after many years, Weng Liyou sang hits such as "Perseverance" and "I Ask the Heaven". Being a rabbit, he also attended the An Tai Sui Enthronement Ceremony.

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