When Danielle, a member of the South Korean girl group "NewJeans", used "Chinese new year" to greet her fans, she was unexpectedly popularized by South Korean netizens.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] In addition to China and Taiwan celebrating the Lunar New Year, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and other places also have New Year customs.

However, when Danielle, a Korean-Australian mixed-race member of the South Korean girl group "NewJeans", used "Chinese new year" to congratulate fans on the Spring Festival recently, she was unexpectedly popularized by South Korean netizens. The exposure of the news also caused heated discussions outside.

According to the report of the well-known English-language Korean pop music website "Allkpop", NewJeans greeted fans in the fan group on the 19th of this month. It can be seen that other members use "Lunar New Year (Lunar New Year)" when celebrating the New Year, but only Danielle uses it. "Chinese New Year".

Since China is not the only East Asian country that celebrates the Lunar New Year, the East Asian circle often uses "Lunar New Year" to refer to the Spring Festival; and in recent years, China and South Korea have been very sensitive to the "ownership" of traditional culture, and they often exchange fire online. Danielle's English name for the New Year was unexpectedly bombarded by Korean netizens.

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However, many fans jumped out to speak for Danielle, pointing out that she is a Korean-Australian mixed race, born and raised in Australia, so she may not know much about Chinese New Year culture, so there is no need to blame her too much.

Danielle also issued an apology statement through the official IG today (21st), "On Thursday, I asked the bunnies (Bunnies, NewJeans official fan nickname) "What to do for the New Year?" in the group, and I realized that I used the New Year wrongly. After that, I immediately deleted the message, but many people still saw it. Since the Chinese New Year is a holiday in many countries and regions including South Korea, my expression was inappropriate. To anyone who was disappointed or hurt, I sincerely apologize."

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