On the first day of the lunar new year, enjoy spring flowers to welcome the Year of the Rabbit!

Wanka Channel takes stock of the 8 colorful flower seas in Taiwan, whether it is viewing cold cherry blossoms in Yangmingshan in northern Taiwan, purple bursting flower seas in ancient pavilions, praying for blessings in Tianyuan Temple in Tamsui, or admiring 130,000 colorful tulips in Shanlinxi in central Taiwan. Take the Plum Blossom Trail in Meiling, Tainan and look at the sea of ​​clouds. There are quite a lot of wonderful flower sea activities. Take advantage of the New Year holiday to meet with relatives and friends to see the most beautiful scenery together.

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Taipei's Yangmingshan pink and tender cherry blossoms add blessings to wish auspiciousness

Hundreds of flowers bloom on Yangming Mountain in spring, and Hanzakura is one of the representatives that bloom first. The pink and tender flowers add a lot of happiness to "Yangming Park". Then the mountain cherry blossoms will bloom one after another during the Spring Festival, and accompany everyone to welcome the new spring and celebrate the Year of the Rabbit.

In addition, there are Hirado azaleas and Kurume azaleas in full bloom next to the cherry blossom stream area. At the same time, it is recommended to arrange a downstream itinerary to the "Flower Experiment Center". During the Spring Festival, there are tulips, hyacinths, cherry blossoms, and azaleas. , camellias are blooming, and there are also seas of flowers such as giant swallows, leaf peony, four seasons crabapple, and sweet viola to enjoy, and enjoy the healing charm of nature together.

Yangmingshan is in full bloom in spring, and the first wave of pink cherry blossoms and mountain cherry blossoms add a healing atmosphere.

(Photo/Provided by the Bureau of Public Works, Taipei City Government)


2023 Yangmingshan Flower

Festival Venue: No. 26, Section 2, Hushan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City (Yangming Park)

Sea of ​​Purple Burst Flowers in Guting Riverside Park, Taipei

The "Guting Purple Burst Flower Sea" that swept across the IG check-in page, the number of flowers and plants has soared to 480,000 pots this year, and the total area has increased by 1.3 times to more than 4,000 ping. Purple sage, pinna lavender, Mexican sage and other purple flowers are surrounded by romantic and large-scale purple flowers, which makes people "pseudo-go abroad" and fly to Provence in seconds. At the same time, there are yellow valentine's chrysanthemum and peacock , flame cockscomb and other embellishments, use the height changes of different varieties of grass flowers to create rich visual effects.

In response to the Year of the Rabbit, Guting Huahai set up a cute and easy-to-shoot "Rabbit Device".

(Photo/Provided by Water Conservancy Department, Public Works Bureau, Taipei City Government)

This year, nighttime lighting art is also added to create a tunnel of light, blue sea starlight, winter starry sky constellations, flower fairies hiding in the center of the square, and rabbits jumping in the sea of ​​flowers at night. The sea of ​​lights at night is colorful and flickering. From mid-February, come to enjoy the flowers and take beautiful photos during the Spring Festival.

The romance of purple explosion strikes, and 480,000 pots of flowers are in full bloom along the Guting River.

(Photo/Provided by Water Conservancy Department, Public Works Bureau, Taipei City Government)


transportation method

1. Bus: Take the small bus 30, 895, 311, 311, 254, get off at the "Tap Water Museum" stop, walk along "Siyuan Street" towards "Yongfu Bridge" for about 10 minutes, from "Yongfu Bridge" Go under the bridge and enter the Guting Riverside Park, walk down the embankment steps and turn right, and you will see the Guting Riverside Flower Sea.

2. MRT: Exit No. 4 of "Gongguan Station" on the Songshan Xindian Line, turn right from "Roosevelt Road Section 4 Lane 24" to "Tingzhou Road Section 3" and then turn left into "Siyuan Street", walk along "Siyuan Street "Walk in the direction of "Yongfu Bridge" for about 10 minutes, enter the Guting Riverside Park from the "Yongfu Bridge" and enter the Guting Riverside Park, walk down the embankment steps and turn right, you can see the Guting Riverside Flower Sea.

Tens of thousands of potted flowers bloom in Dagouxi Ecological Water Control Park in Taipei

"Dagouxi Ecological Water Control Park" in Neihu Lake's secret place to enjoy flowers is beautifully reappearing!

This time, the sea of ​​flowers is shown in the form of "fish". Two fish appear to play and swim beside the Dagou stream. They are matched with flowers and plants of 6 colors to create a sea of ​​flowers covering an area of ​​about 705 square meters. More than 25,000 pots of carnations, crabapples, Peacock grass, snapdragon grass, and sage are dotted with bright colors on the green grass slopes. The colorful flowers make people take pictures non-stop. The best viewing period for the sea of ​​flowers is from now until the Lunar New Year.

Neihu Dagouxi Ecological Water Control Park has a rich environment and ecology, and it is about 10 minutes' walk from MRT Dahu Park Station.

(Photo/Provided by Water Conservancy Department, Public Works Bureau, Taipei City Government)


transportation method

1. Bus: Take the small 3 bus and get off at the "Dahu Elementary School" stop, walk along Dahushanzhuang Street to the bottom of Dahushanzhuang Street, which is the "Dagouxi Ecological Water Control Park", and the sea of ​​flowers is located inside the water control park.

Take 247, 267, 284, 620, 630, 677, 681, 683, Red 2, Red 31, and Neihu Trunk Bus to get off at "MRT Dahu Park Station" and walk about 1 km in the direction of Dahushanzhuang Street, Dahushanzhuang At the bottom of the street is the "Dagouxi Ecological Water Control Park", and the sea of ​​flowers is located inside the water control park.

2. MRT: Take the Wenhu Line and get off at "Dahu Park Station", walk about 1 km along Dahushanzhuang Street, the bottom of Dahushanzhuang Street is the "Dagouxi Ecological Water Control Park", and the sea of ​​flowers is located inside the water control park.

New Taipei Tamsui Tianyuan Temple to pray for blessings and enjoy cherry blossoms

During the Chinese New Year, you can also enjoy the sea of ​​pink and tender cherry blossoms early, and pray for good luck!

The "Tamsui Tianyuan Palace" blooms from the end of January to the middle of March every year. It mainly uses mountain cherry blossoms and Yoshino cherry blossoms. In addition to viewing cherry blossoms during the day, the Temple of Heaven will also be lit up at night to enjoy cherry blossoms at night. Not to mention a style, too beautiful to behold.

Tamsui Tianyuan Temple is a popular cherry blossom viewing spot in northern Taiwan, mainly featuring mountain cherry blossoms and Yoshino cherry blossoms.

(Photo/Provided by New Taipei City Government)


Address: No. 36, Section 3, Beixin Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City

130,000 tulips exploded in Shanlinxi, Nantou

The colorful and changeable tulip is the national flower of the Netherlands. It can be said to be one of the most brilliant flowers in spring. You don’t have to fly all the way to Europe to see the tulip flowers. Every year from early spring to March in Taiwan, there are many tulip spots in full bloom. There are as many as 130,000 tulips of nearly 20 kinds of colors planted in the Xixi Forest Ecological Resort Park. In addition, tulips of different colors can be seen in Zhongshe Flower Market, Xinshe Flower Market, Xueba Farm and other places.

There are 130,000 tulips planted in Shanlinxi, Nantou. There are new varieties of double petals and two colors, and the flowers are bright and prosperous.

(Photo/Provided by Lion Travel)


Address: No. 6, Xishan Road, Zhushan Town, Nantou County

Miaoli "Flower Field All the way" sunflowers and cosmos bloom

This year, the Gongguan Township Farmers Association of Miaoli County planted 15 hectares of sunflowers, cosmos, zinnias and rapeseeds in the farmland on both sides of the mountain road to create a "Flower Field Road". Near the junction of the mountain roads, brilliant sunflowers and cosmos bloom first. During the Lunar New Year period, rapeseed flowers bloom one after another. At the same time, rice stalks are built into rice straw sheds behind the Miaoli Special Pavilion, allowing tourists to take pictures and experience the rural customs.

The sunflowers behind the Miaoli Special Pavilion are in full bloom, and the Lunar New Year is a good time to enjoy flowers.

(Photo/photographed by reporter Zhang Xunteng)

Changhua covers an area of ​​150 hectares of colorful flowers

Changhua County is the hometown of flowers. The "2023 Spring Tour in Changhua to Enjoy the Sea of ​​Flowers" series of activities will be launched one after another. This year, 8 towns and cities will be combined, including Changhua City, Hemei Town, Tianzhong Town, Xiushui Township, Huatan Township, Fenyuan Township, and Puyan Township. , Lukang Town held a sea of ​​flowers activity and set up a special area, including cosmos, yellow cosmos, sunflowers and zinnias in full bloom. This year, the county's promotion area reached 150 hectares, and the sea of ​​flowers reached more than 3 hectares, jointly promoting winter in Changhua County The beautiful scenery of the farmland flower sea, quickly use the annual leave to come to Changhua to enjoy the spring flowers!

The 8 townships in Changhua have their own unique activities, planting beautiful field crops, so that everyone can punch in and take pictures.

(Photo/Provided by Changhua County Government)

Seeing the sea of ​​clouds and enjoying plum blossoms on the Meiling Trail in Tainan

Every year at the end of winter and the beginning of spring, there are bursts of plum blossoms. Plum blossoms are regarded as an auspicious symbol of good news. The popular landmarks of Meiling in Tainan are Wulong Trail, Meilong Trail, Meifeng Ancient Trail and Guanyin Trail. The four trails are all along the way. There are plum trees, among which the slope of Wulong Trail is relatively gentle and there are many plum trees. It is suitable for the whole family to stroll and enjoy flowers together. Cherry blossoms, safflowers, and rhododendrons can be seen. If you are lucky, you can climb the ancient road to enjoy the magnificent sea of ​​clouds. It is worth visiting.

Meiling is the largest Meilin area in southern Taiwan. Take advantage of the Spring Festival to find the snow-white scenery all over the mountains.

(Photo/Provided by Tainan City Government)

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