Nantou County's Spring Festival epidemic prevention is not closed, and some institutions still provide vaccination services.

(Provided by Nantou County Health Bureau)

[Reporter Zhang Xiesheng/Nantou Report] This year’s Spring Festival lasts for 10 days, and Nantou County’s Spring Festival epidemic prevention is not closed. In addition to 10 hospitals and some clinics that provide COVID-19 physical outpatient clinics, video diagnosis and treatment, and remote care consultation for high-risk confirmed cases, the department The contract institute also continues to provide vaccination services, so that people who do not usually have time to vaccinate can take advantage of the long Spring Festival holiday to get vaccinated to enhance their own protection, so as to continue to sprint and work hard in their careers after the Chinese New Year. The current double price is BA.4 /5th generation vaccine, as long as people over 6 years old have received two doses of basic doses, with an interval of 3 months, and have not received bivalent BA.4/5th generation vaccines, relevant information can be vaccinated in Nantou County Check the website of the Ministry of Health.

The Nantou County Health Bureau stated that during the Spring Festival, the Nantou County Contract Pharmacy Bureau also continued to provide antiviral drug dispensing and home delivery, and from January 10th, the elderly over 65 years old (the fifth round), and preschool children aged 0-6 (7th round), you can go to the real-name health insurance special pharmacy and health center with your health insurance card to receive 5 doses of home-use rapid screening reagents for free. In addition, vulnerable people in Nantou County (low-income, low-middle-income households and homeless people) have handbooks for physical and mental disabilities /Certifiers, during the period from 1/12 to 2/15, you can go to the township and city offices to receive 4 doses of free home-use rapid screening. It is recommended that the public can pre-fetch or purchase an appropriate amount of masks and rapid screening reagents for backup.

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Nantou County Health Director Chen Nansong also reminded the public that the most common illness during the Chinese New Year is gastrointestinal discomfort. When preparing food during the Spring Festival, be sure to wash your hands frequently, pay attention to kitchen cleanliness and food hygiene, and focus on cooked food. Avoid eating uncooked food. High-risk foods such as fully heated eggs, meat, or raw shellfish and aquatic products (such as oysters); when traveling to crowded scenic spots during holidays, please take personal epidemic prevention measures, wash your hands frequently, wear a mask, and maintain good hygiene habits. Children and the elderly are recommended to avoid Group activities, pay attention to the physical condition of yourself and your family members, screen as soon as possible if you have symptoms and rest at home, if the test is positive, please use remote video diagnosis and treatment.

From the first day to the fourth day of the Lunar New Year in Nantou County, some medical institutions provide vaccinations.

(Provided by Nantou County Health Bureau)

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