[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Japanese snooker queen Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie divorced for more than 2 years. Recently, the Japanese media broke the news that she changed her company name. She seems to be planning for the future. She posted a post on Weibo yesterday on New Year’s Eve, recommending herself to ask for help A plastic surgeon, and a handsome fresh meat appeared beside him.

Ai Fukuhara (from right) posted a photo with Dr. Kosuke Sugiura and swimmer Iriesuke.

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Ai Fukuhara posted an article, specifically introducing a Japanese doctor Sugiura Kosuke, calling him the savior of athletes, "I was a little scared when I first met Dr. Sugiura, and he seemed fierce, but later I found out that he really considers others and supports athletes. I was touched." Ai Fukuhara revealed that athletes are under a lot of pressure, so they are prone to acne and often ask doctors for help.

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In particular, Ai Fukuhara posted photos with Dr. Sugiura Kosuke and a fresh meat athlete, which aroused heated discussions among fans, and introduced the young man as swimmer Iriesuke, who also has the title of "Japanese Backstroke King".

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