As a result of the operational measures carried out by the employees of the Kurdamir District Police Department, four people involved in the illegal circulation and sale of drugs were detained.

According to the information given to APA by the Shirvan regional group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, residents of the region, Rovshan Mammadov and Mansur Mikayilov, were detained by the department's employees.

During the inspection of those persons, heroin, a drug, was found in each of them.

During the interrogation, R. Mammadov said that he bought the drug from an acquaintance named Ayaz, and M. Mikayilov from a person named Ramil.

As a continuation of the operational measures, Ayaz Garibov, a resident of the district, who was previously convicted, was detained and submitted to the investigation.

In his explanation, that person also admitted that he bought the narcotic substance he obtained for sale from his acquaintance Ramil.

With the operational measures continued by the officers of the department, Ramil Mammadov, a resident of Kurdamir district and previously convicted, who sold drugs to A. Garibov and M. Mikayilova, was also detained.

During the initial interrogation, the person admitted that he was engaged in the sale of drugs in the region.

In connection with the fact, a criminal case was opened in the Investigation Department of the Kurdamir District Police Department, and preventive measures were taken against the arrested persons.

Investigations are ongoing.