"Class Reunion!

"Same Shoes ~" From the lives of 9 classmates, we can see different life styles and portray a close friendship.

(Provided by the National Theater Company)

[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Fan Ruijun in the musical "School Reunion!

The character of "Same Shoes ~" has a strong personality among classmates, but due to the pressure of her mother-in-law, she has to keep pregnant for only one child, and become a pregnancy machine, giving birth to 4 children in a row. She feels that her role reflects the independent women nowadays, who are for the family Giving up the hard work of self-achievement.

Outside of the show, she has a caring angel mother-in-law, who misses her late mother-in-law. Fan Ruijun said that in the past during the lunar calendar, she would go home to visit her mother-in-law.

Fan Ruijun in "Class Reunion!

Same shoes~" Due to the pressure from her husband's family, she was quite pregnant and gave birth to three daughters in a row, and finally got a son.

(Provided by the National Theater Company)

Fan Ruijun graduated from the Beijing University of the Arts with a master's degree. With his strong acting skills, he took on the first TV series at the age of 25 and won the Golden Bell Award for Supporting Actress in one fell swoop. He has participated in many film and television works so far, and his witty response is a frequent guest on TV programs.

She has a solid foundation in acting, no matter how busy she is, she is unwilling to give up the opportunity to perform in stage plays.

At the beginning of 2022, he will participate in the National Theater Troupe "Classmates Reunion!

When the musical premiered, it was taking over the eight o'clock stage at the same time. Even though the theater and the TV station ran on both sides, he was still the first actor in the crew to memorize the lines and lost the book. He worked hard to come up with ideas to add points to the plot, which was praised by the director Said to be "self-contained motor".

At the beginning of this year, it even created a feat in theater. In order to help the crew of "Dream Like a Dream" put out the fire, the rehearsal started at 11 am, and the performance started at 2 pm on the same day, without missing any lines and positions.

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Fan Ruijun is very thoughtful about the characters and often comes up with brilliant ideas. The director praised him as "bringing his own motor".

(Provided by the National Theater Company)

Fan Ruijun is full of New Year's rituals, handwritten Spring Festival couplets to remove the old and bring out the new.

(Provided by the National Theater Company)

Talking about the relationship with her mother-in-law off-screen, Fan Ruijun said that her late mother-in-law took good care of herself. "I remember going home for the first time after marriage for the New Year. My mother-in-law asked my husband (Dai Liwu) what I like to eat. She had to make special preparations." She lamented getting along I didn't have much time and failed to establish a close relationship with my mother-in-law.

In order not to make the family too tired, Fan Ruijun said that in recent years, the stove has been changed to ordering a restaurant, so that the husband's family and the mother's family can all have dinner together, and the relationship between the two families is very close.

As for the festival activities, Fan Ruijun said with a smile that she is a house girl, and did not ask friends out.

"In the past, the whole family would arrange to go abroad during the New Year's Eve. This year, we were able to go abroad with great difficulty, but we couldn't do it because of work."

Fan Ruijun has participated in many film and television works, and this year participated in the musical "School Reunion!"

Same shoes~".

(Provided by the National Theater Company)

"Class Reunion!

"Same Shoes~" describes nine college classmates who hold a class reunion every ten years. Through the lives of classmates with different personalities, they can see different aspects of life and portray a deep friendship.

This play was originally a stage play, and the National Theater Troupe has reshaped it into a musical. The singers Lai Yayan, Xu Fukai, Zhao Yonghua, Fan Ruijun, Xie Jiajian, Lan Juntian, Kyle, Zhang Danwei, Jin Renxin, and Wang Jingguan have become the strongest classmates.

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