Dulhan Ke Roop mein Astronaut:

Nowadays pictures have started to be made through Artificial Intelligence (AI) instead of manually.

The trend of making different pictures using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going viral on social media.

Recently, a similar post is attracting everyone's attention on the internet, in which a woman astronaut is seen in a bride's dress.  

Artist Jayesh Sachdev has shared this post of astronaut bride costume on the social media platform Instagram.

The same post has also been shared on the page of design agency Kirk Box.

In the picture, the model has decorated the astronaut with flowers and jewelry, one of them is also seen holding a helmet in her hand.

Let us tell you that this picture has been prepared with the help of (AI) visuals, in which the female astronaut has been shown as a bride.

Sharing the post, it is written in the caption, 'Astronaut bride dress week.'

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First of all, you should know what is an AI model.

Actually, AI is such a machine, which is capable of taking decisions by analyzing something itself.

If put in simple language, Artificial Intelligence has a mind, with the help of which they can take decisions thoughtfully and work independently without any help, that is, the way humans can solve any problem with the help of their mind. Find solutions, similarly with the help of (AI) machines can also solve their own problems.

This post going viral on Instagram is being seen and liked a lot.

More than 8 thousand people have liked this post so far.

At the same time, the users who have seen the pictures are giving different reactions on it.

One user wrote, 'It's a lot of love!!

This type of representation as an aspiring astronaut really hits home!

Thank you for making these works of art.'

Another user wrote, 'It looks like Star Plus Bahu in NASA.'

Another user wrote, 'Omgg this is a unique concept.

I am loving it,' wrote the third user, 'I wish I could think of something like this.'

The fourth user wrote, 'Wow.

There is absolutely a lot of love.

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