[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Interview] "Awei" Liu Junwei is a catering tycoon in the entertainment industry. Zhongqing Commercial Bank, which specializes in civilian food in military dependent villages, continues to exhibit stores. Even the king's friend "Jay Chou" Jay Chou showed up years ago. , so moved Ah Wei.

Ah Wai strongly recommends the restaurant's signature dishes Zhongqing Fried Pork Ribs and the signature Shrimp Egg Rice. He is personally involved in the catering business, and revealed that the restaurant was short of staff a while ago. He went into the kitchen to help fry the ribs, but unexpectedly got injured .

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(Photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

Since the signature dishes in the store must be deep-fried, Ah Wei said in an interview: "The ribs in our store insist on deep-frying. Originally, the ribs were thrown too high, and the hot oil was sprayed on the hands first, and then the ribs were thrown too low and fried directly. Fingers, I was really scared." When I got home, I was beaten by my wife, and I still had scars on my hands.

With the arrival of the new year, Awei said that Zhongqing Commercial Bank will soon open a fifth store in the north, and that Dim Sum will continue to develop in the south-central area to continue to expand the territory of the catering business. 

Jay Chou.

(file photo)

This year, the Lollipop Lollipop will usher in its 17th year in the army. It has been rumored that the "Six Sticks" have a plan to sing together. When asked how is the progress?

Ah Wai honestly admits that at this stage it is very difficult for everyone to ask for a meal. He said helplessly, "Every time I make an appointment for a meal, my wife entertains me. Unfortunately, no one wants to fuck me."

Awei even laughed at himself helplessly: "Everyone doesn't want to talk to me, a commoner." It seems that it will be quite difficult to start singing in the short term.

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