The New Moon in Aquarius occurs at 10:54 p.m. on January 21.

The Sun and Moon come together at the 1st degree and 33 minutes of Aquarius to give life to the first New Moon of the year!

With its power to purify all negativity and unite humanity, Aquarius is the sign of abundance and endless possibilities.

The Aquarius New Moon ushers in a time of freedom and innovation, helping us grow in all aspects of life.

Interestingly, the beginning of the Chinese New Year began the next day, and the New Moon itself carries the power of new beginnings, so the New Moon in Aquarius ushers in an extremely dynamic and interesting year.

This is a year that makes us take a more independent direction, a year of unpredictable events that brings a triumph of awareness and self-assertion. 

It's time to reflect on everything that has happened to us so far and what's new ahead of us.

No matter what life has brought you so far, no matter where you are now, this New Moon rising can set you on the right path and remind you that it's never too late to start fresh.

Prayers on this day have a very beneficial effect

The new moon in Aquarius invites us to change and new directions in life.

Some people may simply feel inspired to change, others out of necessity.

The new moon has an effect both on the team and on personal life.

It is time to think seriously about the future and the responsibility we bear for it.

New moon nights are dark, the perfect time for meditation: the dark night outside invites us to look into our inner darkness to visualize our inner starry sky.

As you meditate, ask yourself:

- What brings inspiration in my life? 

- Where in my life am I not fully aligned with my essence? 

- What are my dreams? 

- How can I reduce problems and find more solutions to my difficulties? 

- In which area of ​​my life can I bring more practicality through my actions? 

- What habits, thoughts, words, relationships, hobbies, clothes, etc. that made sense before, but are now outdated, do I need to innovate and renew in my life? 

- What new can I bring into my life?

This is a perfect day to signal to the universe that you are ready to change.

The New Moon is the period in the lunar cycle when we work on our desires and intentions.

Fresh energy flows from the cosmic skies under the Aquarius New Moon.

This is an auspicious time to plant seeds, set intentions, and think about all that you would like to bring closer to you.

Repeat the mantra: "I am no longer willing to sacrifice my personal uniqueness on the altar of a quiet life, to deny myself to support the frame that is beginning to narrow for me."