Denying during the interview that the mines produced by Armenia in 2021 were transported from the Lachin road and placed in our territories and the arguments that they were allegedly removed from the territory of Armenia by Azerbaijan and brought to our country do not fit into elementary military knowledge and logic.

According to APA, Aykhan Hajizadeh, the head of the press service department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said this in response to the media's question about the views expressed by the Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan during his interview with the "Armenpress" news agency.

Aykhan Hajizadeh said that the Azerbaijani side will show the areas where 2021 Armenian-made mines exist and a large number of samples of such mines to the commander of the Russian peacekeeping forces temporarily stationed in the territory of Azerbaijan, to the heads of the Turkish and Russian contingents of the Turkey-Russia Joint Monitoring Center, as well as to the foreign forces accredited in Azerbaijan. military attachés and journalists of the countries were shown: "These mines were inspected by military personnel and specialists.

It is impossible to deny these facts.

It is known that the statements about the non-production and export of mines by Armenia during the last decades and the claims about this in the reports of Armenia on the relevant international platforms are only lies.

For example, the Permanent Mission of Armenia to the OSCE declared that no mines are produced in Armenia during its speech at the OSCE Security Cooperation Forum on October 5, 2022.

Now, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia not only confirms that mines were produced in Armenia in 2021, but at the same time, despite previous denials, the mines in question discovered in the territories of Azerbaijan are manufactured by Armenia.

In addition to what has been mentioned, the claims of the Armenian side in the interview that they buried mines only in the territory of the Republic of Armenia are also hypocritical.

During the occupation of Armenia, thousands of sq.


carried out mining of the territories of Azerbaijan,