Zhang Yingying (from left) admitted to breaking up with Wang Xiaofei, and broke up with her mother-in-law Zhang Lan.

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[Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] Chinese actress Zhang Yingying and "Big S" Xu Xiyuan's ex-husband Wang Xiaofei have repeatedly reported that good things are about to happen. Unexpectedly, news broke out that they broke up without warning. Zhang Yingying forced her to post: "Respect you as an elder."

Zhang Yingying told Zhang Lan that she always reminded Wang Xiaofei that filial piety is the first thing to do. From the beginning to the end, she never said that it is not good to miss her mother-in-law. Your son is still swearing at people every day for the sake of traffic; who hasn’t been scolded by you in the past, forgot the voice you sent me calling baby, let me care about Wang Xiaofei and take care of him? Everything is recorded, don’t force me anymore. "

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Although Zhang Yingying publicly warned Zhang Lan, it still caused a large number of netizens to retort; Zhang Yingying couldn't bear the many doubts raised by netizens, and she stepped forward and signed a public message to retort: ​​"We didn't ask for a penny to break up. You can really spread rumors. Today, I There is no news about it." Jing said that "breakup" did not ask for a penny, it seems that Wang Xiaofei's cut was not groundless.

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