Jay Chou celebrated his 44th birthday yesterday (18th). Kun Ling once again carefully created an exclusive birthday party for her husband, playing golf with relatives and friends. The outfit was also undercut, and it turned out to be a rapper's own brand with a strong background.

Every year Jay Chou's birthday party will be featured in the news. This year, the theme is also planned by Kun Ling, and he specially invites relatives and friends to take a golf trip. Jay Chou posted a photo after the party to thank his wife for the arrangement.

In several shared photos, it can be seen that in addition to being in the same frame with relatives and friends, the group photo of Jay Chou and Kun Lingxian is even more dazzling, especially the back photo of the couple embracing each other, which is intimate and sweet. Even after being married for many years and having three children, the relationship is still romantic.

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Kunling created a golf birthday party for Jay Chou.

In a series of photos, the outfits of friends in the same frame also became a highlight. Kunling specially created a dark blue polo shirt with Jay Chou's English name "Jay Chou" printed on it, as if creating a Jay Chou golf team. In addition, the husband and wife The golf wear is not to be ignored, it comes from rapper Macklemore's own golf wear brand Bogey Boys.

There are even uniforms, and Jay Chou's English name is printed as the key logo.

The back photos of the Xian couple are super sweet, and the golf outfits they are wearing are also supposed to be from the rapper's own brand Bogey Boys.

Macklemore created Bogey Boys because he loves golf and hopes to find stylish attire. Therefore, Bogey Boys can see retro and eye-catching design details, and introduce street culture into golf clothing, such as Logo fonts, pattern illustration designs, etc. Make the clothes extra novel and fashionable, especially wearing the Bogey Boys high-ball suit, which also shows Jay Chou's high-quality clothes.

The golf wear of Bogey Boys brings street culture into it, adding more fashionable elements to the shape.

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