ASAHI SUPER DRY, a well-known Japanese beer brand, launched a limited edition packaging for the Year of the Rabbit inspired by traditional Japanese art "Noh", "Wagata" and "Origami" during the Lunar New Year.

(Provided by Asahi) [Reporter Tu Yingru/Report from Taipei] To welcome the New Year, well-known Japanese beer brands have come up with their own unique tricks, making the flavor and packaging design of the food and drink on the table full of highlights.

During the Lunar New Year, ASAHI SUPER DRY launched a limited edition packaging for the Year of the Rabbit inspired by the traditional Japanese art "Noh", "Wagami" and "Origami". Year of the Rabbit limited edition packaging.

This packaging is designed by Nippon Design Center, a well-known Japanese design company. Inspired by "geometric origami art", it creates an image of the Year of the Rabbit that combines tradition and modernity. The rabbit-shaped mask perfectly shows the breakthrough and innovation after the fusion of old and new Japanese culture. Innovative aesthetics.

Nippon Design Center, founded in 1959, has won many international design awards for its works; the pictograms designed for the Tokyo Olympic Games have even won the DFA Asia's Most Influential Design Award 2021 - Outstanding Work.

Asahi Year of the Rabbit Limited Edition was created by the well-known Japanese design company Nippon Design Center, inspired by "geometric origami art".

(Provided by Asahi) The elements of Nomian (mask), Wagan (Japanese pattern) and origami (folding paper) in traditional Japanese crafts are expressed in a modern and simple geometric way on the design of the rabbit mask. The refraction of different lines and light makes the rabbit figure The image is more colorful and three-dimensional, and with the silver-gray tone that represents ASAHI SUPER DRY, it is like being in a diverse virtual world. Let the Lunar New Year drink ASAHI SUPER DRY, and also use the design to start the new year.

Suntory's top-quality "Spring Festival Rabbit Can" beer is centered on the "Mao" of the Year of the Rabbit zodiac, and the earthen wind chimes with the white rabbit pattern represent "praying for the elimination of illness and disaster".

(Provided by Suntory) Suntory's top beer The PREMIUM MALT'S launched the "Spring Festival of the Rabbit Limited Edition", centered on the Chinese zodiac "Mao", and the earthen wind chimes with the white rabbit pattern represent "to pray for the elimination of illness and disaster", and the pine, bamboo and plum on the totem have been used since ancient times The good name of the three friends of Suihan, in the cold season, the pine and bamboo will not die, and the plum blossoms can bloom beautifully. There are legends about Mount Fuji that those who see the red Mount Fuji will be free from disasters and have a prosperous business; It means "immortality".

KIRIN Frozen Wine - Two new flavors of Miyagi Strawberry and Pinot Noir Grape, adding a more cheerful atmosphere to the moment around the stove.

(Provided by KIRIN) KIRIN launched two ice-free cocktails in the New Year of the Rabbit, bringing a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere around the stove.

The two mixed wines include "Miyagi Strawberry" and "Pinot Noir Grape". Strictly select the "one more" strawberry from Miyagi Prefecture, Japan and Pinot Noir grape, one of the seven major varieties in the world. Full fruit aroma, tender and refreshing in the mouth.

Takashi Ueda, chairman of Taiwan Kirin, said: "In Taiwan's most important festival - the Lunar New Year, we have launched two limited-edition iced wines, hoping to add a touch of sweetness to the festive atmosphere of the New Year. The iced "Miyagi Strawberry" launched this time , "Pinot Noir" wine blend, combining the sweetness of fruit flavor and the mellowness of pure vodka, taking into account the sweetness and refreshing taste of adults."

(Drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health)

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