The Tank series is the most classic watch of Cartier. Inspired by the unique shape overlooking the tank, Louis Cartier incorporated its outline into the watch design. It has been very popular since it was launched in 1920. This year The Tank Française under the Tank series has been upgraded and revised, adding more modern elements on the basis of classics.

The Tank Française series launched in 1996 combines the metal bracelet and the case, and combines the distinct French spirit of classicism and free style, hence the name. Laure Cérède said: "When it was born in 1996, the Tank Française watch broke through the design tradition of the Tank series. At that time, Cartier was the first to integrate the metal bracelet with the case, turning the case into one of the bracelets. Links. Now, designers have taken this idea a step further and designed a monolithic structure.”

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The new Tank Française series in 2023 has many fine-tuning details, including more obvious lug curvature, integrated crown and lugs, mainly using satin finish, the dial is decorated with sunray patterns, and the luster of Roman numerals is brighter , more three-dimensional, in addition, the watch chain is compact, flexible and flexible, and the links are closely connected and interlocking.

Tank Française stainless steel watch (large model), 172,000 yuan.

(Provided by Cartier, the same below)

Tank Française yellow K gold diamond watch (medium model), 975,000 yuan.

Tank Française yellow K gold watch (small model), 665,000 yuan.

Cartier specially invited Catherine Deneuve (Catherine Deneuve), a French national treasure actress, and Rami Malek (Rami Malek), an Oscar winner, to shoot a new image advertisement. The two walked on the Pont Alexandre III in Paris. The accidental encounter of fate opened up the intertwined causal relationship of fate, symbolizing the eternal classics of the Tank Française series across generations.

(Left) Rami Malek, (Right) Kathleen Dennifer shoots a new advertisement for Cartier.

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