And although Charles himself claims that he is far from fashion trends and prefers to wear the same things for many years, the tie with dinosaurs amused the audience.

King Charles III / Photo: Associated Press

The 74-year-old king is known for constantly fixing his bespoke leather shoes and vintage suits, hand-tailored by a tailor on London's Savile Row.

"I'm one of those people who hates to throw things away. So I'd rather have these things maintained, even fixed if necessary, than to give them up. The difficulty is that as you age you tend to change shape and that's not the case just get into clothes. I don't tolerate any waste, especially food waste, I would like to find another use," Charles once explained his position to British Vogue.

King Charles III and Meghan Markle / Photo: Associated Press

By the way, People mentions that at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018, Charles appeared in a suit from Anderson & Sheppard, which has been in his wardrobe since 1984.

And when British Vogue editor Edward Enninfull asked if the king had thought about wearing something new for such an occasion, Charles replied: "I've thought about it, but I only wear it a few times a year, in the summer, so obviously you'd want something like this things lasted a lifetime."

King Charles III at the wedding of Meghan and Harry / Photo: Associated Press

King Charles III and Doria (Meghan Markle's mother) / Photo: Associated Press

The camel-coloured coat in which the King appeared for a service at St Lawrence's Church, Castle Rising, near Sandringham Estate, is also his favorite and he appears in it quite often in public.

King Charles III / Photo: Getty Images

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