[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Song Yimin and Wang Ruiling, a famous mouthpiece who quit the church, had a fight. Wang Ruiling allegedly donated more than 100,000 yuan, but Song Yimin's church did not upload it to the IRS. Wang Ruiling said yesterday that she got back from the IRS. Sued a director general of the church for defamation, saying that a fake account opened his eyes and told lies.

Famous talker Wang Ruiling (photographed on Facebook)

Wang Ruiling went to the Gift Section of the National Taxation Bureau. After the investigation, the National Taxation Bureau took out a form and told her that although the tax return date has passed half a year, but after stating the real reasons clearly, help her use "correction" to increase donations enumerate.

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Later, Wang Ruiling checked from the business tax department, and said: "I only know that your business is very big from the computer records. From the gift tax to the business tax, I know that your business is really big! There are many business items."

Wang Ruiling added: "Mr. Song Yimin, Ms. Chen Weijun, you and your wife are talking about God but doing things against God's joy. It is really terrible. I hope you will have the courage to tell the truth, so that you will have the true grace of God. Also, you Don’t think that you are Jesus crucified on the cross. My family and I have been trampled to pieces by your husband and wife! You have posed a threat and slandered you. You can sue me, and I will sue you and Song Yimin, chairman of Yiqiguang Lighting Co., Ltd. .”

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