Shin Kong Mitsukoshi has been successful in cultivating members.

After more than two years of ups and downs in the epidemic, Wu Xinyang, general manager of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, the leading department store, announced on the 17th that Shin Kong Mitsukoshi’s performance last year reached 88.6 billion yuan, a record high, an increase of nearly 9 billion yuan from 79.7 billion yuan in 2021, an increase of 11.2%. The performance target will challenge 92 billion yuan.

Wu Xinyang said that last year's boutique and famous products hit a home run, with a growth rate of 28%, followed by catering, men's clothing, and outdoor leisure. Although the performance hit a record high, he also admitted that 2021 will be hard, " Deep cultivation of members" and "continuous online and offline promotion" have become the biggest drivers of growth under the uncertain factors of the epidemic.

Wu Xinyang, general manager of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, announced that Shin Kong Mitsukoshi's performance last year reached 88.6 billion yuan, a record high.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi started member recruitment, digital transformation, APP optimization and promotion of SKM Pay 6 years ago. The cumulative number of members has exceeded 3 million, the number of APP downloads has exceeded 2 million, and the consumption amount of SKM Pay has exceeded 31.3 billion yuan. , the performance accounted for 36%.

Wu Xinyang pointed out that the performance of "skm points" has exceeded expectations. In the future, the points ecosystem will continue to expand. Not only will it operate well in the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi field, but it will also combine tourism, exhibitions, food, etc. to expand membership points Benefits; and with the unblocking of the border, he is also optimistic about the growth momentum of the return of tourists in the Xinyi business district in the future. Wu Xinyang does not think that the unblocking of the border will affect the performance of boutiques. Even if people go to foreign stores, some styles cannot be bought.

The performance of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi skm points members exceeded expectations.

In addition, Diamomd Tower, which was originally planned to open in the East District of Taipei City around Christmas last year, is expected to open in June this year due to factors such as the epidemic and lack of work. , about 6 or 7 large-scale floor renovations.

During the Spring Festival, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi teamed up with Taiwanese fashion designer Robin Tang to create the "Nice Rabbit" space exhibition for the Spring Festival.

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