Domingo, one of the world's top three tenors, was sexually harassed again.


[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] The Spanish vocalist Placido Domingo, known as the "Three Tenors in the World", is known internationally for his lyrical and high-pitched voice, but was recently accused of sexual harassment by a Spanish female singer, and This is the second time in three years that he has been accused of sexual harassment by his peers.

According to Reuters, a Spanish female singer accused Domingo in a program broadcast on Spanish TV station 6 (La Sexta) that Domingo asked her in public during a rehearsal: "I can put my hands in the back pockets of your trousers." Is it?" She also said that Domingo sexually harassed her more than once, asked to touch her, and even tried to kiss her, which made her feel quite uncomfortable. Because of the high status of the other party in the industry, she did not ask her superiors Reporting this matter can only be made public through the media.

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In fact, Domingo has been accused of sexual harassment many times in the past. In the 2020 survey, more than 30 singers, dancers, musicians, vocal teachers and behind-the-scenes staff confessed that in the past 30 years, they had witnessed or personally After experiencing Domingo's inappropriate behavior towards others, Domingo said in a statement at the time that he respected the decision of those women to speak out and "sincerely sorry for the harm I caused them."

Now that he was sexually harassed again, Domingo has yet to respond.

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