Master Beitou's "Food and Soup" project welcomes tourists to experience the warm winter time with hot springs and delicacies.

(Provided by Master Beitou)

[Reporter Zhou Xingrui/Taipei Report] Cold winter days are the most suitable for soaking in hot springs, tasting delicious food, warming up the body and stomach, and creating a warm winter time.

In order to allow more travelers to experience the unique charm of Beitou’s white sulfur hot spring, this year, with the theme of quiet and serene design, Beitou launched 3 new independent hot springs, allowing couples to enjoy themselves in an undisturbed and private space. Soaking in hot springs, together with L'Occitane's stress-relieving aromatherapy or a feast of European-Italian cuisine, makes people feel the holiday atmosphere without going abroad.

Among them, the PURE European restaurant themed with European cuisine, the chef uses Sasso chicken, Charon duck, cheese and truffles and other ingredients to present a new winter menu. "Food Club Soup" project, independent soup house with afternoon tea, PURE European restaurant lunch, dinner 3 choices 1, two people on weekdays starting from 2,588 yuan.

Master Beitou launched a new independent soup house, which combines Japanese Zen style features with a simple and neat interior design.

(Provided by Master Beitou)

Beitou Royal Hotel said that this year, the hotel launched 3 new independent soup houses with the theme of quiet and peaceful design, with a space of 6 to 8 square meters. The Japanese and Western-style living room where you can sit, sleep and rest is very suitable for couples and girlfriends to experience together. During the limited period, L'Occitane spare parts are provided, so that travelers can gently cleanse, nourish and moisturize the skin and hair, bringing natural and gentle ultimate care.

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Classic Beitou PURE European Restaurant offers lunch set menu and evening set menu for customers.

(Provided by Master Beitou)

The limited-time "Soup with food" project, a 90-minute independent soup house with afternoon tea, lunch at PURE European restaurant, and one of three options for dinner.

We especially recommend the "PURE European Restaurant", which uses modern European Italian cooking techniques to present the true taste of ingredients. The chef uses "Winter Taste New Experience" as the theme, using Western cooking techniques combined with Taiwanese local ingredients to inject new elements into each dish , whether it is the "low-temperature slow-roasted beef" made of Japanese Wagyu beef hindquarters as an appetizer, the French red-label chicken "Sasso chicken", or the "organic loofah milk shellfish soup" made with local organic loofah and seafood, From the attractive rouge-colored "Matured Rouge Duck Breast" and "Charcoal Grilled American Rib-Eye Top Steak", the chef cooks with rich sea and land ingredients in a delicate way, trying to satisfy the discerning taste buds of all gourmets.

Beitou Laoye’s new dish set is based on "authentic ingredients". The picture shows the "Organic Loofah Soup with Milk and Shellfish" made from local organic loofah and seafood.

(Provided by Master Beitou)

As for the final dessert in each set meal, the chef uses the season as the source of creation, sorting out unrestrained creative points according to the ingredients of the day and climate changes, so that every diner's dining experience can be fully enjoyed. more complete.

The lunch menu starts from 1,600 yuan + 10% per person for 6 courses including desserts, and 1,900 yuan + 10% per person for 8 courses including desserts in the evening menu, emphasizing the refreshing surprise experience for tourists.

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