The 70-year-old Gezai opera national treasure Lian Mingyue passed away this morning.

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[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] 70-year-old Lian Mingyue, the national treasure of Gezai Opera, was reported to be critically ill in December last year. She passed away at 5 am today (16th) due to hydrops in her heart.

Li Chaoyong revealed that Lian Mingyue underwent a liver transplant on December 19. After the transplant, her heart continued to suffer. During the period, she stayed in the intensive care unit. At 4:16 this morning, her condition suddenly deteriorated and she died within an hour of first aid. " My wife was very sad and sad to hear that.”

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When Lian Mingyue reported that she was critically ill last month, she said through Facebook, "Everything is safe now. Before waiting for the operation, everything will be accompanied by family members and the doctor's instructions. I hope all friends who see the news can rest assured." Lian Mingyue At that time, it was mentioned that a year ago, she had a physical condition and found that she had liver cirrhosis, and then she began to cooperate with the doctor to treat and control it. It is recommended to wait a little longer for surgery. During this period, I would like to thank all friends from the media for their concern, friends around me for their concern and help, and film lovers who have always given me support and encouragement." She asked everyone not to worry about her, " Turn all this into cheering me up, and hope that Mingyue can get through this crisis, everything is safe and healthy." Unexpectedly, after a month, she still passed away from a serious illness.

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