A 67-year-old woman suffered from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. After the cooperation between doctors and patients to fight cancer, she was successfully reversed to stage 2 and saved her life.

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[Reporter Ou Sumei/Taichung Report] A 67-year-old woman lost 12 kilograms in two months. She went to the doctor because of black stools. After two months without improvement, she went to Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital for an examination and found out that she had pancreatic cancer and had metastasized to the peritoneum for 4 days. period level.

Yu Zhengzhan, director of general surgery, and the patient did not give up. From chemotherapy, splenic embolization to surgery, he fought for 7 months, and finally successfully reversed to stage 2. After half a year of follow-up, there was no sign of recurrence, and his life was saved.

The woman said that she weighed 67 kg, lost 12 kg in just 2 months, and had black stools. She went to the clinic to see a doctor for a blood test and confirmed severe anemia. She was referred to the hospital for gastroscopy. The diagnosis was liver cirrhosis caused by gastric varices bleeding. After taking the medicine according to the doctor's advice for 2 months and still not improving, I decided to go to Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital for a second opinion. The gastroenterologist discovered a pancreatic lesion during an abdominal ultrasound examination, and immediately transferred to general surgery to take over.

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Yu Zhengzhan, director of the general surgery department, found through computer tomography, gastroscopy and laparoscopic exploratory surgery that his pancreatic cancer cells had metastasized to the peritoneum, and the tumor had invaded the stomach, causing ulcer bleeding.

Although the woman was diagnosed with "King Cancer", she did not give up hope and cooperated with the doctor's plan to receive chemotherapy, and the tumor shrank significantly.

Unexpectedly, stomach bleeding started again. Since the lesion was too deep to stop the bleeding, further attempts to embolize the splenic artery could not improve the condition. The woman wanted to give up and transfer to the hospice ward.

Yu Zhengzhan encouraged the woman to look for a chance of life. According to the hemostasis operation plan, the primary tumor invaded parts such as the tail of the pancreas, spleen, part of the stomach and large intestine were removed sequentially. It has disappeared, and the final pathology report was released. The original stage 4 disease was successfully reversed to stage 2, and there was no sign of recurrence after half a year of follow-up.

When the woman heard the good news, she thanked the medical team for their dedication and cherished the days when she could spend more time with her family.

The patient's lucky reversal of the course of the disease also excited the medical team.

Yu Zhengzhan pointed out that pancreatic cancer has no symptoms in the early stage and is known as the most silent killer. It is often late when diagnosed. The case also realized that with the advancement of medical treatment, as long as you don't give up lightly, hope is in front of you!

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