Ideal Land has won the record of "Taiwan's Most Beautiful Hotel" for five consecutive times, and the hotel won the championship with 6 unique features.

(Provided by Ideal Land)

[Reporter Zhou Xingrui/Taipei Report] The hotel has a happy event and offers accommodation discounts to reward tourists!

Ideal Land won the fifth consecutive title of "Taiwan's Most Beautiful Hotel". In order to thank the public for their support and encouragement to the hotel for many years, the "Celebration of the Most Beautiful Hotel's Five-in-a-Day Housing Project" is launched. From RMB 6,999 per room for one stay and two meals per person, including 1 night of accommodation in a Spanish-themed room type, happiness welcome sketch, 1 sunny breakfast, 1 blissful buffet-style dinner or 1 flavor dinner, 2 tours per person on the promised canal yacht ;Additional value-added gift activities 4 choose 2: ecological bamboo raft experience, kiln baked bread DIY, kiln baked Pizza DIY, leather carving DIY; Free admission for 1 child under 12 years old on designated days No charge (including breakfast and dinner each night 2 times, 2 times of cruise service, 1 time for each of 2 out of 4 activities), so that guests can experience the beauty of the most beautiful hotel at different times.

Ideal Land is built by the world-renowned international architectural design team WAT&G, with a charming highland-style architectural style.

(Provided by Ideal Land)

The 5th "Taiwan's Most Beautiful Hotel and Annual Hotel of the Year" event hosted by held an award ceremony on January 13. Liang Aidi, vice chairman of Ideal Land, said that being able to participate in the "Taiwan's Most Beautiful Hotel and Annual Hotel of the Year" award ceremony It is indeed not easy to win this award for 5 consecutive years. Under the competition of many high-quality hotels in Taiwan, every vote obtained is very precious. I am very grateful to all supporters for their love and encouragement, so that Ideal Land can continuously improve service quality and Spirit, so that future travelers can have the happiest holiday.

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Ideal Land has a green forest ecological park, which can be called the most green hotel in the country.

(Provided by Ideal Land)

Liang Aidi further explained that "Taiwan's Most Beautiful Hotel and Annual Hotel of the Year" has received enthusiastic response from the public every year. Ideal Land has been able to win the "Taiwan's Most Beautiful Hotel" record for five consecutive times. The hotel won the championship with 6 unique features: 1. Created by WAT&G, the No. 1 international architectural design team, with an original 2.2-kilometer canal, 3 distinctive islands, and 16 style bridges; 2. It has 22 Spanish landscape castles, which are beautiful highland architectural styles; 3. All antique furniture It is hand-crafted from India's century-old rosewood; 4. Collectible art relics can be seen everywhere in the park; 5. The green forest ecological park has the most green hotels in the country; 6. Organic building materials retain the purest and beautiful taste.

More importantly, the Ideal Land team has continued to work hard under the test of the epidemic for more than two years, in order to be able to win the honor of "Taiwan's Most Beautiful Hotel" consecutively.

Choose 2 out of 4 value-added gift activities for accommodation projects, among which kiln-baked pizza DIY can enjoy the simple and delicious handmade.

(Provided by Ideal Land)

Ideal Land said that the "ideal vacation" promoted by Ideal Land is to stay, not to rush; it is to take a walk, not to hurry!

And implement "Green Innovation, Local Sustainability". For more information, please contact: 03-8656789, official website:

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