The doctor said that the yo-yo effect of weight gain can be avoided by setting goals, diet control, regular exercise, adjusting work and rest, and continuous and gradual weight loss; the picture shows the situation.

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〔Health Channel/Comprehensive Report〕Many people who use extreme restrictive diets to lose weight return to their previous eating habits after losing weight, and the result is that they regain weight immediately. Qiu Shengbo, director of Xiangxin Generation Clinic, pointed out that this is exactly what makes people lose all confidence. The yo-yo effect can prevent weight gain by setting goals, regulating diet, exercising regularly, adjusting work and rest, and continuous and gradual weight loss.

Qiu Shengbo posted on the Facebook page "Weight Loss_Metabolism Specialist_Qiu Shengbo Physician", pointing out that many people halve their daily calorie intake when they lose weight, and their weight does drop in 2-4 weeks, but they will gain weight immediately when they resume their diet and have dinner together Come back, repeat this weight loss method, only to find that the effect is getting worse and worse, getting fatter and finally giving up, which is a typical yo-yo effect.

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Qiu Shengbo explained that the yo-yo effect is common in people who lose weight through extreme dietary restrictions. The calorie intake is far lower than the basal metabolic rate. The weight does drop, and the body will also become dehydrated. At this time, the body will start a self-protection mechanism. The calories consumed later tend to be stored as fat, and instead become a body that is difficult to lose weight.

Qiu Shengbo said that studies have shown that such a weight loss method and repeated weight loss and gain will easily lead to hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance. And change, the number of probiotics will drop significantly, and it will also increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular problems (such as blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac load, sympathetic nerve activity) and high blood lipids.

Avoid the yo-yo effect

●Set goals:

The ideal weight loss rate is 0.5-1 kg per week.

●Diet regulation:

choose a balanced diet, especially high-quality protein, and implement the habit of controlling the total daily calorie intake. In addition, water is an important key for the body to metabolize fat, so water must be sufficient.

●Regular exercise:

Exercise can increase daily calorie consumption, and maintaining good muscle mass can help to lose weight.

●Adjust work and rest:

Regular work and rest and adequate sleep are very important for metabolism and normal secretion of hormones.

Qiu Shengbo emphasized that the regulation of diet is an important key to weight loss, but the change of eating habits cannot be achieved overnight. He also suggested that friends who want to lose weight can gradually adjust "diet, exercise" through the process of weight loss. And work and rest", successful weight loss requires a low rate of weight gain. You can also rely on the assistance of specialist physicians and professional nutritionists to easily achieve the results of healthy weight loss and no weight loss.

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