Taipei Aedas launched the "Nice rabbit meet you" housing project during the Lunar New Year.

(Provided by Taipei Aedas)

[Reporter Zhou Xingrui/Taipei Report] The Lunar New Year is a good time for family travel. This year’s Lunar New Year holiday is long, and various hotels are scrambling for this wave of annual holiday business opportunities. They have just won the "No. 1 Popular Hotel in Taiwan in 2022" announced by LINE Travel Aedas Hotel Taipei specially launched the "Nice Rabbit meet you" housing project, stay during the Lunar New Year (1/22~26), starting at 3,888 yuan per room, including breakfast for 2 guests, good luck jellybeans, and a generous gift of 1,000 yuan Lucky red envelope (2 coupons for 500 yuan Aedas room/dining consumption), tourists who belong to the zodiac rabbit can enjoy a limited upgrade of deluxe rooms (5 rooms per day) when they stay in the exquisite double room, and enjoy 1 red wine selected by the hotel after staying for two consecutive nights bottle.

Tourists who belong to the rabbit can upgrade to deluxe rooms in a limited amount.

(Provided by Taipei Aedas)

Aedas Hotel Taipei said that the hotel is located in Wanhua District, Taipei City. During the 10-day Spring Festival holiday, you can stay at the hotel with your relatives and friends. In addition to eating and living well, you can also go to Longshan Temple to pray for blessings during the Spring Festival. The antique Bopiliao, The Xinfu Town Cultural Market, which incorporates the cultural and youthful style, can easily feel the trendy and nostalgic style of Taipei, making the journey more exciting.

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