Angelababy went to Hong Kong to watch the BLACKPINK concert.

(Reposted from Weibo)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] South Korea’s popular girl group BLACKPINK is holding a world tour. Yesterday (13th) they sang in Hong Kong. Many artists attended the pilgrimage. Even "Angelababy" Yang Ying, who has not appeared in Hong Kong for a long time, also met her sisters Amoy chasing stars, the news spread on Weibo, but unexpectedly, Little Pink went out to fight for "unpatriotic".

Angelababy (third from the right) chasing star BLACKPINK was brutally set off for "unpatriotic".

(Reposted from Weibo) 

Angelababy made a special trip to Hong Kong to watch BLACKPINK's concert, and took a selfie with her sister Tao to commemorate it. It can be seen that she still can't hide the star halo while wearing a mask.

However, after the news spread on Weibo, some netizens thought she was unpatriotic and a wrong example, and even said, "If you like to go to Korea with a yellow card, you can go", and some people were sour on her.

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Angelababy (2nd from left) met her sister Tao to watch the concert together.

(Reposted from Weibo) 

Since the beginning of this month, South Korea has stepped up strict epidemic prevention measures for Chinese tourists entering the country. They have to go through a special channel and hang a yellow immigration card, which has aroused dissatisfaction among Chinese netizens who think it is discriminatory and insulting to China.

At such a sensitive moment, Angelababy went to Hong Kong to chase the star BLACKPINK, and was attacked by the little pink, but Angelababy fans couldn't bear to fight back, "The first female star in domestic entertainment with more than 10 million ins still needs traffic?" and emphasized that Angelababy went to Hong Kong field.

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