[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Ai Fukuhara's face towel for endorsement surfaced again last night. She posted photos on Weibo to warm up Chinese netizens.

Ai Fukuhara posted an article to promote the products she endorsed.

(Turn over Weibo)

Ai Fukuhara posted: "This year's exhibition, I went to say hello to everyone. Have you seen me in the supermarket?" In just two sentences, Ai Fukuhara used 4 emojis to show her cuteness. Sure enough, the reaction of fans They were all very enthusiastic, and left messages one after another: "The temperament is great", "Xiao Ai has become thinner." Super supportive.

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Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie have been divorced for more than a year. She has been silent for a long time and has made frequent comebacks. She has previously posted a post to promote endorsement products. She confidently said: "Recently, I feel that my skin is getting better and better (it's stinky!)" More code share personal maintenance tips.

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