The domestic violence between Britney and her husband Song Jinxian intensified.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Recently, Britney and her husband Song Jinxian had a family turmoil. Recently, the man revealed that Britney’s private interaction with her father-in-law was icy, and her fitness trainer friends also came forward to support her. Unexpectedly, Britney found out her workplace , went straight to the company's senior boss to complain about this matter, and Britney also responded to her husband's frequent interviews and complaints.

Britney previously mentioned in a post on Facebook that her father-in-law came forward to coordinate the issue of domestic violence between the two, but now her husband has come forward to reveal that the relationship between Britney and her father-in-law is cold. When she sees her father-in-law in private, she will call "Dad", but the relationship between her father-in-law and her daughter-in-law is quite stiff , and his fitness coach friend Jeff also revealed that Song Jinxian has been working part-time since high school and has been working as an insurance salesman. He doesn't understand why the outside world says he eats soft food. As a result, it was reported that Britney found out Jeff's gym and directly complained to the boss to put pressure on him. .

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In this regard, Song Jinxian said: "I heard him (Jeff) say this, and I am very worried for him. I really hope that I will not hurt anyone around me, my friends, or even my parents."

According to the "Sanli News" report, Britney responded to her husband's frequent complaints: "It doesn't matter, everything is in the legal process anyway, let him." She only replied calmly in just 19 words, implying that it will be decided by the judge.

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