Minister of Culture Li Yongde (middle) attended the paper pinwheel press conference today (12th). In response to Shi Zhenrong's proposal for the Ministry of Culture to subsidize "employee welfare arts gift vouchers", Li Yongde believes that it is definitely feasible and will actively promote it.

(Photo by reporter Ling Meixue)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] The Ministry of Culture recently announced that listed companies sponsoring and supporting the development of domestic arts and culture will be included in the annual results of ESG (sustainable development indicators), which is regarded as a major benefit for the development of arts and culture.

In this regard, Shi Zhenrong, the founder of Acer Group, appealed to the Ministry of Culture today (12th) to develop a subsidy for "Employee Welfare and Arts Gift Vouchers" to encourage organizations or employees to increase their consumption of arts and culture, and to establish a thriving art and culture circle. new mechanism.

Minister of Culture Li Yongde expressed that it is feasible and will actively promote it.

Shi Zhenrong suggested that the Ministry of Culture can start with the cultural gift subsidy that is being planned. The Ministry of Culture plans a budget to encourage enterprises or welfare committees to invest in arts and cultural consumption, and give a 10-20% subsidy.

As for subsidized arts and cultural consumption items, the Ministry of Culture can formulate relevant measures after further discussion.

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Li Yongde said, "I think this suggestion is very good. Combined with government resources, the government probably has a concept of parent funds to introduce more funds from the private sector, expand the scale of the arts and culture consumption market, and cultivate more people who appreciate arts and culture. This is the consistent policy of the Ministry of Culture. Policies that are actively promoted... But how to do it? We will spend a short time discussing it with Director Shi and the relevant welfare committees.”

In terms of funding, Li Yongde said that it is under discussion. The earliest planning concept included art and cultural teams, and all cultural industries should also invest together. It is a triangular relationship. The government, private donors, including private business circles, and art and cultural performances The team cultural industry itself, that is, out of the 20%, the government bears 10%, and the other 10% is provided by various cultural industries, so that everyone can jointly promote the concept of endless life. 20%, 100 yuan will be paid by the government, and the other 100 yuan will be paid by the publishing industry, for example, which means a discount, and you don’t need to pay for it.

Li Yongde emphasized that this suggestion is very important, "I don't think we can only focus on the supply side. It seems that there is always supply. As a result, no one comes to see it on the consumer side. It means that the market has not expanded. Only when the market expands will it affect the entire art performance ecology and culture. The industrial ecology has a more sound environment.”

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