TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph 60th Anniversary Edition, 39mm in diameter, 242,300 yuan, limited to 600 pieces worldwide.

(Photo by reporter Yu Chonghui)

The 4th LVMH Watch Week (LVMH Watch Week) moved to Singapore, and there were many refreshing highlights such as new functions, new colors on the surface, and new gemstones.

TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) Carrera series will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2023, and specially created the 60th anniversary commemorative edition of the Carrera chronograph watch. It inherited the second-generation Carrera 2447 SN model at the end of 1960. The silver-black "panda surface" continues the simple appearance and easy-to-wear read function.

Another returning work is the Monza Flyback Chronograph, which also has the background of racing. Contrast, echo the racing spirit.

Frédéric Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer, said with pleasure at the press conference: "My favorite in this new work is the Monza flyback chronograph watch."

There are many new ideas in the 2023 LVMH Watch Week, such as functions, surface colors, gemstones, etc., which are eye-catching.

(Photo by reporter Yu Chonghui)

In the new TAG Heuer smart watch Connected series, the Connected Caliber E4 smart watch 45mm sports version launched a new "Trail & Hiking" cross-country hiking application, from plane distance calculation to height detection, providing running and hiking enthusiasts more Detailed data; the 42mm golf version of the Cnnected Caliber E4 smart watch has added a powerful "Full Shot Tracking (Full Shot Tracking)", which starts tracking from the first swing in a round, and the system will automatically calculate the next shot. Hole distance information can be completely recorded without touching the watch during the whole process, and the function and convenience have greatly improved.

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TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4 Smart Watch "42mm Golf Edition", 82,400 yuan.

The ZENITH classic DEFY watch adds new ideas to the selection of colors and gemstones. The Skyline series introduces a new 36mm neutral size watch. The surface is first added with pink and green. The bezel is divided into six types with or without diamonds.

TAG Heuer Monza flyback chronograph watch, with a diameter of 42mm, 454,300 yuan.

ZENITH CEO Julien Tornare pointed out that the Skyline 36mm is a watch with no gender restrictions, especially the pink color that seems to be exclusive to women, and its diamond-encrusted model is also very suitable for men.

The DEFY Extreme series, which is adventurous and environmentally sustainable, has launched a new Glacier watch. From the bezel, the case to the protective button components, the clear chalcedony is used to symbolize the glacier scenery. The world is limited to 50 pieces.

DEFY Extreme Glacier watch, 45mm in diameter, 871,400 yuan, limited to 50 pieces worldwide.

DEFY Skyline watch, diameter 36mm, 400,400 yuan.

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