[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Xiao Tiantian and her husband Song Jinxian are involved in a domestic violence lawsuit. When Song Jinxian was in high school, his family was defrauded of a huge debt of 20 million yuan due to investment fraud. Therefore, Song Jinxian started working around in high school and did not take living expenses from his family. .

And Britney and her father-in-law are also quite stiff, and the husband and wife go to Neihu's nanny's house every two weeks for handover. According to Song Jinxian, when Britney picks up someone, she will call "Dad" in private, and the relationship between the father-in-law and daughter-in-law is cold.

Britney's husband Song Jinxian was interviewed yesterday.

(Photo by reporter Zhong Zhikai)

Song Jinxian said in an interview yesterday that his family wanted to invest in their careers, but they gradually found out that they couldn't get the money back, and they got deeper and deeper, so they were defrauded of a large amount of money.

Song Jinxian also has an elder brother, and the two will also share the family budget. Later, the debt was settled after a lot of effort under the coordination of the elders.

Britney also knows about this.

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Britney had a broken childhood and was abandoned by her parents at birth. She never saw her parents in her life and was brought up by her grandparents. Song Jinxian thought that this might make Britney's "family view" not sound enough. He said: "She is independent and strong. Piao, grandpa and grandma left again, working hard in the entertainment industry alone, maybe it is the influence of the original family and the growth environment, I am thinking, it may cause her not to know how a family works, and a family needs to support each other. "

In previous announcements, Xiao Tiantian also said that she often called for divorce. Song Jinxian recalled that when she was pregnant, she always said that she wanted a divorce because of trivial matters. I’m in my 30s, and I feel like I’m taking marriage and divorce as a trifle.” The lawsuit is currently going to the second trial, and Song Jinxian originally faced it alone, but a friend suggested appointing a lawyer, so now a lawyer is appointed to deal with it. .

☆If you find that children, teenagers, the elderly, and people with disabilities are being treated improperly, or you yourself have suffered from domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, etc., you can call directly by mobile phone, local phone number, or text message (for people with hearing impairment) 24 hours a day "113"☆

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