ZTAGE Watches, a watch brand from Hong Kong, debuted on the stage for the first time, bringing three new models at a time, with the theme of ecological conservation, and both watchmaking technology and environmental protection issues. The airborne Taiwan immediately sparked discussions.

In recent years, independent watch brands have become a trend. In Asia, led by Hong Kong and Singapore, many local new brands have been born. Among them, due to geography, transportation and trade, Hong Kong has absorbed the inclusiveness of foreign cultures and has become the driving force behind the birth of watches, such as ZTAGE. Watches are exactly that.

ZTAGE Watches was born in 2017. The two founders are Hong Kong people who have received proper education and have a strong interest in watch design.

After the establishment of the brand, we insisted that all watches be designed in Hong Kong, and then delivered to Switzerland for watch production and assembly, and then shipped back to ZTAGE Watches Hong Kong headquarters for the last 240 hours of strict testing to ensure that each watch is of the highest quality. Top quality in quality.

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Another insistence of ZTAGE Watches is that each watch is produced in limited quantities and will never be reproduced. Therefore, there are always "phenomenal spikes" every month in various markets around the world. The high-profile full-calendar watch and full-calendar moon phase watch series are the first to be introduced. The three new watches are themed on ecological conservation, namely HYBRID ORIGINAL full-calendar watch, Lilu GMT series watch, HYBRID ORIGINAL CALENDAR full-calendar moon phase series watches.

The three new watches are connected to the ecological environment through different forms. The HYBRID ORIGINAL full-calendar watch presents the cold vision of Antarctic glaciers through the white ceramic bezel, adding black details to embellish the ecological beauty of the day and night changes in Antarctica. Equipped with a full calendar display function that can clearly read the "month", "week", "moon phase" and "pointer calendar", which makes the dial more layered due to the different shades of the color layout. The global limited edition is 200 pieces.

Also featuring the full calendar is the HYBRID ORIGINAL CALENDAR full calendar moon phase series watch that is visually presented in silver, allowing consumers to have multiple colors.

HYBRID ORIGINAL full calendar watch - Antarctic Glacier series, 316L medical grade stainless steel case, hour, minute and second display, full calendar, moon phase, diameter 43mm, 163,000 yuan.

The HYBRID ORIGINAL full calendar watch-Antarctic Glacier series interprets the color of the snow with a white ceramic bezel.

HYBRID ORIGINAL CALENDAR full calendar moon phase series watch, 316L medical grade stainless steel case, hour, minute and second display, full calendar, moon phase, diameter 43mm, 167,000 yuan.

Lilu GMT series watches use color to represent the Amazon rainforest and savannah, in order to alert the world that the rainforest and jungle are being threatened by over-exploitation by humans, so they created two earth tones of desert and dark green, equipped with GMT dual The time zone function can be seen in the outer ring of the bezel, which is set with 24 major cities in different countries in the world, which can identify the time of the location and hometown at a glance.

The jungle is represented in earth tones of green.

Lilu GMT series watch, 316L medical grade stainless steel case, hour, minute and second display, date window, two time zones, diameter 44mm, 98,000 yuan.

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