Man shares picture of his grandfather's 92-year-old British Indian passport

From time to time people take to the internet to reminisce about a bygone era, which was once a prized possession.

A post showing a rare passport issued in Lahore, British India adds to that wonderful treasure and may even astound you.

If you love knowing about historical artefacts, then this post will surely tickle your fancy.

This post, shared on Twitter by Anshuman Singh, includes several photographs of passports issued by the British Indian government.

The rare piece of history was the property of Singh's grandfather and was reissued in 1931 when he was 31.

The cover of the passport bears the official seal of the British Government and allows the bearer to travel in the Colony of Kenya as well as in India.

The caption reads, "My grandfather's 'British Indian passport', issued in Lahore in 1931. He would have been 31 then." 

My Grandfather's "British Indian Passport", issued at Lahore in 1931. He must've been 31 years old then.

— Anshuman Singh (@anshumansingh75) January 7, 2023

The post has been viewed more than 169 thousand times and received a lot of reactions.

While some pointed out how the post surprised them, many commented on how the passport should be preserved properly, as it is nothing less than a piece of history.

A Twitter user named Rimpi Bergamo also shared pictures of his grandfather's passport.

The document contained visa/arrival stamps from Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Bombay.

Here is from my great grandfather Sardar Kartar Singh.

It was kept safe by my mama ji and last year my mama ji handed it over to me.

You can also see the visa/arrival stamps from Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Bombay.

— Rimpy bergamo (@r_bergamo_) January 8, 2023

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