Jolin Tsai's incarnation of "loose diamond stunner" is so beautiful!

Jolin Tsai’s Ugly Beauty concert attracted hundreds of thousands of pilgrims, and the box office revenue of 23 shows in 3 years exceeded 680 million, setting a new milestone. In addition to the invincible stage charm of the sister, the appearance of the incarnation of "naked diamond stunner" made the audience scream Constantly!

Among them, the lip color that changes with the clothing is even more eye-catching, and it turns out that the devil details are created by "mixing and matching"!

The only designated makeup for the Ugly Beauty show is from "Shiseido International Cabinet". LIWEN, the makeup education director, said: "With Y2K's bold use of color and clothing coming back, the makeup and skin will pursue a return to the basics and a high-level natural feeling— —It looks effortless, which is the most difficult thing—leave the colors for the clothes and accessories, and the face and lip gloss are like blank canvases, natural and pure.”

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Jolin Tsai Ugly Beauty concert attracted a crowd.

The trendy makeup in 2023 also echoes the style of Jolin Tsai’s concert, that is, healthy and shiny skin texture, natural hairy eyebrows, and nude pink lip gloss, and layered according to the color system and mood of the day. Wear different colors of lip gloss, and you can become a high-end and fashionable "loose diamond stunner"!

In addition to the "cream glossy skin", the details are more important to mix and match nude lip gloss with other colors. Among them, the super-evolved velvet satin lipstick, which was originally scheduled to be launched in March 2023, was specially airlifted from Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. Taiwan, the first exposure, to create silky and ultra-colorful lips for the queen.

Super Evolution Velvet Satin Lipstick, originally scheduled to be launched globally in March 2023, special air freight will come to Taiwan first.

The collocation of "Diva Lipstick" is also revealed. The four makeup looks are all based on "#404 Loose Diamond Beauty", and then mixed and matched through details to create different styles:

1. Dazzling Black Empress:

Layer red lip gloss with super imposing appearance . Use

rose nude color "#404 Naked Diamond Beauty" as a base, and then layer "#414 Caramel Brick Red", super white rotten tomato red plus Li The falling lip line is suitable for occasions full of momentum, and it will grab everyone's attention as soon as it comes out!

"Dazzling Black Empress" Nude lipstick layered with red lip gloss.

#404 loose diamond stunner + #414 caramel brick red.

2. Variety Actress:

Apply pink lip gloss

with rose nude color as the base, and then apply "#408 dry rose", use rose nude powder to create a super temperament makeup, whether it is a fashionable and beautiful young lady or

Romantic styles can be worn!

"Variety Actress" nude color lipstick stack rubbing pink lip gloss

#404 loose diamond stunner + #408 dry rose.

3. Sexy Stunner:

Layer purple lip gloss with high-end sexy

base with rose nude color, layer "#411 plum berry", nude tone and mysterious purple tone, suitable for the moment when you want to show a little high-level sexy, it will definitely make you feel Your heartbeat is rising and he can't stop!

"Sexy Stunner" nude lipstick layered with purple lip gloss.

#404 loose diamond stunner + #411 plum berry.

4. Sunset milk orange:

After layering the orange lip gloss Super Vitality

Rose nude lipstick, then layer "#419 Pumpkin Sweet Orange" to create juice orange lips with a slight milk tea tone, which can make the complexion look super It’s super age-reducing, and it matches the most popular Y2K items now, showing a retro and fashionable youthful feeling.

"Sunset Milk Orange" Nude color lipstick layered with orange color lip gloss.

#404 Loose Diamond Stunner + #419 Pumpkin Sweet Orange.