Prince Harry (left) published a book and broke the news, seriously injured and the brotherhood of Prince William (right).


The autobiography "Spare" (Spare) of Prince Harry of the United Kingdom will be published globally on the 10th. Before the official release, many media have obtained the summary of the autobiography. Prince Harry kept breaking the news in the book. Seriously injured the image of members of the British royal family, among which Prince William (William, Prince of Wales) and Princess Kate (Catherine, Princess of Wales) became the biggest targets.

Prince Harry's autobiography, Standby, is about to be published.

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outside world has always believed that after the death of Princess Diana (Prince Diana), Prince William was the biggest pillar of Prince Harry. After all, the two brothers lost their mother at a young age and should support each other, but this is not the case.

According to the British "Mirror" (The Mirror), Prince Harry revealed in his autobiography that when Prince William married Kate in 2011, the outside world thought Prince Harry was the best man. In fact, this was a "big lie". In fact, they are his other two good buddies. In order to protect these two good buddies from being disturbed by the media, William asked Harry to "play" the best man. At the wedding, these two good buddies of William came to the stage to deliver the best man speech. Harry was actually just a wedding entertain.

Harry also revealed that William has always been jealous of him because he grew a beard at his wedding and hosted the Invictus Games for disabled and wounded soldiers. So much more freedom!

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When William (middle) and Kate (right) got married in 2011, the outside world thought that Harry (left) was the best man, but it was actually a big lie.


Harry grew a beard for his own wedding, which made William very jealous.


Prince Harry has also made no secret of conflicts between his wife Meghan Markle and sister-in-law Kate Middleton, recalling a 2018 charity event attended by both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. Forgot to bring lipstick and borrowed it from Kate. Kate reluctantly took out lipstick from her bag and gave it to Meghan. Meghan dipped her finger in the lipstick and painted it on her lips. so awkward.

In the face of Prince Harry's constant revelations, Buckingham Palace chose to remain silent and did not express any opinions. Royal experts believe that the entire royal family is tired of Prince Harry's out-of-control behavior and does not want to cooperate with him in the performance.

Kate (left) and Meghan (right) have a bad relationship.

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