Liao Keyi was previously involved in a romantic affair.

(File photo, provided by Asia Travel Channel)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Admiralty host Liao Keyi had a series of cheating incidents before. Just when everyone had forgotten, he updated his Facebook post, revealing that he and his wife were enjoying a trip in Sri Lanka, and his behavior was not affected by the outside world at all.

In this regard, girl B, who previously broke the news that Liao Keyi had 2 abortions, has not yet received an apology for the incident. She spends her days drinking every night, and now she comes forward to release photos of her 4-month pregnancy at that time, and shouted "Yes Just an apology."

Liao Keyi (right) and his wife Qin Lingqian are on vacation in Sri Lanka.

(Flipping Facebook)

According to "ETtoday" report, female B is dissatisfied that Liao Keyi is living so comfortably now, and she had an abortion for her husband before. Not only was her body seriously injured, her menstrual period was delayed by a full 5 months, and she may be difficult to conceive in the future. She was sad and indignant Said: "I have been protecting him before. Although I took the initiative to break up with him, what I want is an apology. If you apologize to me, I will forgive you."

In addition, girl B also took out the video of Liao Keyi proposing to her, and saw that Liao Keyi's promise was very touching. Even her mother directly approved of this prospective son-in-law, but she turned out to be heartless later.

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