The Lunar New Year is a good time for the whole family to travel. The hotel launched the first wave of housing discounts for the New Year. E-DA Royal Hotel is the first to create a one-park, three-food all-you-can-eat, and won the "2022 Taiwan's No. 1 Most Popular Hotel". Regent Hotel will be accompanied by the chef to visit the New Year’s Shopping Street, and you can also enjoy free souvenirs. Beitou Dadi Hotel, which is a tiger in the Chinese zodiac and has a tiger in the name, will give you 2,000 yuan. Grasp the discounted time and book it, and take relatives and friends for spring vacation!

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Pilgrimage to the world's largest Golden Buddha and the Yuelao Temple in Tainan for peach blossoms

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Kaohsiung E-Da Royal Hotel All-you-can-eat with one stay, three meals

"E-DA Royal Hotel" located in E-DA World Park, from February 1st to March 31st, the first "Royal Three Meals" housing project with one stay, three meals and all-you-can-eat meals, stay on weekdays from Sunday to Friday One night’s deluxe two-person accommodation, including buffet-style breakfast for two guests, Xingya buffet-style dinner, and all-you-can-eat lunch with the newly launched Italian cuisine at the Italian restaurant. 228 consecutive holidays from February 25th to February 27th are not applicable), leisurely play and enjoy the content of the all-you-can-eat gourmet package, allowing tourists to experience a different hotel holiday.

Reservation Hotline (07)656-8158 or through the official website.

Beef soup is a must-try in Xingya Buffet Restaurant of E-DA Royal Hotel.

(Photo/Provided by E-DA Royal Hotel)

All you can eat at the Italian restaurant in the Royal Hotel.

(Photo/Provided by E-DA Royal Hotel)

E-DA Royal Hotel deluxe room.

(Photo/Provided by E-DA Royal Hotel)

Caesar Taipei Hotel check-in to give a thousand yuan lucky red envelope

Caesar Taipei launched the "Nice Rabbit meet you" housing project, stay during the Lunar New Year period from 1/22 to 1/26, starting from 3,888 yuan per room, including breakfast for 2 guests, good luck jellybeans, and a generous gift of 1,000 yuan Lucky red envelope (2 vouchers for 500 yuan Aedas room/dining consumption), friends who are born in the zodiac sign of the rabbit stay in the exquisite double room and enjoy a limited upgrade to the deluxe room, limited to 5 rooms per day, and enjoy the hotel's selected red wine after staying for two consecutive nights bottle!

During the 10-day Spring Festival holiday, you should relax, eat well and live well. You can also go to Longshan Temple to pray for blessings, the antique Bopiliao, and the cultural market of Xinfu Town, which is full of culture and youth, to feel the new trend and nostalgia. The style of Taipei makes the journey more exciting.

For more hotel discounts, please consult the official website:

Passengers whose zodiac sign is the rabbit can upgrade to deluxe rooms at Aedas Hotel in limited quantities.

(Photo/Provided by Aedas Hotel)

Regent Hotel Taipei's Chef Accompanies the New Year's Shopping Street to Get Gifts

To welcome the coming of the Lunar New Year, every household is decorated with lanterns and festoons, and buys new year goods to celebrate the new year. Regent Taipei has specially launched the "Five-Star New Year Holiday" discount housing project in Taipei Dihua business district. The price of the project starts from 7,100 yuan per room per night, including CNN unique The must-eat buffet breakfast in Taipei is recommended, and you can enjoy a 25% discount on high-speed rail tickets. When you check in, you will receive a "Taipei New Year's Street New Year's Shopping Map" carefully drawn by Regent Hotel and a product exchange voucher. In addition to being free on Saturdays, you can enjoy a companion Gift box shopping discounts, the well-known Cantonese restaurant in the hotel - Jinghuaxuan chef Wu Haiming will also take the group to go shopping for the New Year, and at the same time teach the recipes of the New Year's soup, the tenants will learn various purchasing strategies and authentic Cantonese-style soup cooking skills.

For reservations, please contact (02) 2523-8000 or official website:

Regent Hotel invites guests to visit Dihua Street together.

(Photo/Provided by Regent Hotel)

Huang Changsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. provides a gift of "Health Preserving and Medicinal Diet Ingredients Pack Made with Ancient Methods".

(Photo/Provided by Regent Hotel)

Taipei Dadi Hotel, if you are a Tiger and have a name of "Tiger", you will get 2,000 for check-in

Beitou Dadi Hotel has specially launched the housing project "Tiger's Speech Wins the Year". From now until January 19, 2023, as long as you are a friend of "Tiger" in the Chinese zodiac, or have the word "Tiger" in the name, such as Hu, Hu, Biao, etc. Passengers who are applicable to all, will receive an extra 2,000 yuan of food and beverage bonus per room, which can be redeemed by spending in the three restaurants in the hotel.

In addition, in order to welcome the Year of the Rabbit, a variety of interesting activities are specially designed for tenants during the festival. You can try your luck by drawing a lucky bag. Participate in rich games such as God of Wealth flash mob, check in to send cute cookies, Spring Festival couplets DIY and so on.

The private and moderate public bath and naked soup space creates a special situation of snow falling.

(Photo/Provided by Dadi Hotel)

The price of "Hu Ci Sheng Sui Housing Project" is 10,800 yuan, and it is only available from Monday to Thursday on weekdays. The project also provides breakfast for two guests the next day, a 500 yuan discount coupon for The Gaia SPA, and a leisurely Happy Hour before going to bed. can obtain the most complete liberation.

Each room has an independent hot spring pool. During the stay, you can soak in the hot spring in the room and overlook the beautiful scenery of Danfeng Mountain, or go directly to the most famous snow-view public bath of Dadi Hotel to enjoy the beauty of snow drifting like a paradise and enjoy the healing white water. Sulfur spring, spend the most leisurely night.

Official website:

The first prize of the lucky bag is a Danfeng suite worth more than 30,000 yuan.

(Photo/Provided by Dadi Hotel)

Hualien Ruisui, Taoyuan Pengqu housing buy one get one free

Cosmos Hotel Group combined its top-level resort hotel "Ruisui Tianhe International Tourist Hotel" and the luxury camping "Penqu" in Taoyuan, and launched the "Peach Blossom Twin Cities Tour Buy One Get One Free Room Offer" on January 10, two people on weekdays Staying in the warm family room of the castle and the cloud camping car of Pengqu starts from 19,999 yuan. Mizuho TRW offers a special discount on busy days with no price increase. All accommodations can enjoy breakfast and dinner. , the service of one stay and four meals makes the accommodation experience more perfect.

Passengers can not only enjoy hot spring hot springs and indoor massage spa pools in Hualien Back Mountain, but also experience camping in depth in the green and pleasant campsite, satisfying both travel wishes at once.

The Pengqu Yunyun Campervan features clean lines, earth-toned objects and furniture, and a luxurious bathtub.

(Photo/provided by Cosmos Hotel Group)

Whether you stay in Taoyuan or Hualien first, you can enjoy the discount. During the stay period from February 1st to April 29th, two people stay in the fun campervan on weekdays. The all-inclusive service of one park and four meals is 19,999 yuan. The one-night, two-board accommodation coupon for a two-person castle warm family room is applicable to Pingwang Day of the International Tourist Hotel.

If you stay at the Ruisui Tianhe International Tourist Hotel first, two people will stay in the castle warm family room on weekdays for 19,999 yuan, one park, two meals, and a Punqu Yunyun campervan for two people will be given a weekday one park, four meals and accommodation voucher.

Tiancheng Hotel Group United Reservation Center 02-8978-6688.

Cozy family room in the castle of Tianhe International Tourist Hotel Ruisui.

(Photo/Provided by Cosmos Hotel Group)

The overall design of Ruisui Tianhe International Tourist Hotel is mainly in the style of southern European manors, and has the reputation of Taiwan's version of Disney.

(Photo/Provided by Cosmos Hotel Group)

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