[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Comprehensive Report] Tang Wei won many actresses in South Korea with the movie "Determination to Break Up" last year. She is the "Goddess of Acting" in the hearts of movie fans; In the "Film Master Class", it was revealed that there was a big problem with Tang Wei's cooperation, and Tang Wei was criticized for "acting wrong", and the inside story of the goddess' past was revealed.

Xu Anhua (pictured on the left) affirmed Tang Wei's acting skills have improved a lot in recent years.

(File photo, photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang, reproduced from Twitter)

Xu Anhua recalled that when he filmed "The Golden Age" in 2014, Tang Wei and Tang Wei had great expectations at the time. They praised Tang Wei for doing a lot of homework in playing the talented girl "Xiao Hong". I read biographies, etc., but Xu Anhua said: "I was thinking at the time that something seemed to be unresolved, but I couldn't figure out what it was."

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Xu Anhua does not think she is a very skilled director. For example: "An actor wants to act from 30 to 50 years old. I don't know how to instruct her to act 50 years old." She admitted that she did not tell Tang Wei about this role (referring to Xiao Hong), "I I have an understanding of the character, but I didn't say it."

Xu Anhua even said that she was afraid that Tang Wei would die of cold during the shoot, "She was told to add a padded jacket inside, but she refused because she thought it would not look good for the shoot. She still has a psychological barrier. I have a little request." He also said that she shouldn't be bothered, just let her wear it, and maybe the show will be much better.

But Xu Anhua also said: "Every time I talk about this, I feel very uncomfortable. Tang Wei is acting so well now, I am very happy, really."

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