Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities may seem like ideal places to store household items.

Despite this, cleaning experts at warn against storing certain products in these areas.

Essentials such as garbage bags and cleaning supplies will remain intact under your kitchen sink, but the same cannot be said for kitchen appliances.

Let's see what should not be stored under the sink and should be moved to another place.

Electricity and tools

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The hygiene expert explained that slow cookers, pressure cookers and blenders are better stored in another place, which is not located next to household plumbing.

Any leakage from the sink can be fatal for your mixer or coffee grinder.

Even if you're sure your plumbing is sealed, a wet environment can be dangerous for electronic devices.

Moisture can cause rust on vital components over time, and tools, even if they are not working, are also vulnerable to moisture.

Paper products

Kitchen towels, paper bags and napkins are easily accessible by storing them under the sink, although you run the same risk as with electronics.

Under the influence of moisture, your beautiful New Year's napkins will lose their appearance by the next holiday.

If you have a pantry, linen closet, or shelf away from the sink, it's best to store paper products there.


Storing foods like onions and potatoes under the sink is one way to hide them from view.

But really, it's not a place to eat at all.

Any products should be stored in a dry, dark and cool place.

If you are looking for food storage options, never use the space under the kitchen sink.

Food stored under the sink can become contaminated with potentially harmful chemicals, germs and moisture due to temperature fluctuations.


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When storing linen under the sink in a closed bathroom, an unpleasant problem with fungus may arise.

If you have the space, it's best to store these items neatly folded in a closet away from all sources of moisture.

Decorative cosmetics

As with bedding, storing cosmetics under the sink is dangerous.

A dry, cool place away from moisture and heat is the best option.

What can be stored under sinks

As a rule, awkward and large objects fit well under the sink.

Make sure these essentials are easily accessible and store them in trash cans or baskets, preferably with tight-fitting lids, to protect them from any leaks or moisture sources.

Cleaning products such as bleach are often stored under the sink for ease of access, but this ease of access can be a double-edged sword if you have pets or children in the home.

If there is a possibility that harmful chemicals can be easily discovered, you should consider removing the products from the reach of children and animals or consider a lock on the door.

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