Piaget Altiplano series moon phase display rose gold high-end jewelry watch, 1,210,000 yuan.

The Altiplano series of the Swiss boutique Piaget has repeatedly set records with its slim movement and case, and fully demonstrated the ultra-thin technology. , and now the most popular moon phase function is added for the first time, allowing the Altiplano series to meet the expectations of more watch fans.

Piaget Altiplano series moon phase display 18K white gold high-end jewelry watch, 1,730,000 yuan.

The two Altiplano moon phase high-end jewelry watches are mother-of-pearl dials and aventurine mother-of-pearl dials, both of which are carved with sun radiation patterns from a complete piece of mother-of-pearl, and the bezel is inlaid with diamonds, highlighting the delicate luster of mother-of-pearl .

The moon phase disk at 6 o'clock is coated with Superluminova luminous coating, and the moon phase can be viewed in the dark.

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The automatic disk of the 580P self-winding movement is crescent-shaped, which has both shape and function, and is printed with the Earl's family emblem.

Turning to the back of the watch is also a surprise. Piaget specially improved the automatic disc of the 580P movement from the traditional fan shape to a crescent shape. In addition to echoing the moon phase function, the crescent-shaped automatic disc can strengthen the power acceleration and power due to the asymmetric weight. Let the watch have a 42-hour power reserve.

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