To prevent the epidemic from heating up, the Beishi Education Bureau adjusted new epidemic prevention measures during the winter vacation, including an additional dose of rapid screening reagent for each teacher and student.

(Provided by the Education Bureau)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] During the continuous Spring Festival holiday, gatherings from south to north have increased, and the domestic epidemic situation has not yet subsided. The Taipei City Bureau of Education has adjusted new measures for campus epidemic prevention during the winter vacation. School teachers, students and kindergarten staff, each with 1 dose of rapid screening reagent, will be used during the winter vacation to maintain health.

To prevent the epidemic from heating up, the Education Bureau adjusted some anti-epidemic measures in advance in response to the winter vacation period, including the need to measure body temperature when entering the school, use partitions for meals, and wear masks throughout the course except for sports and playing musical instruments; schools do not handle more than 100 people in principle For cross-county or overnight large-scale activities, if there is a demand for handling after assessment, the school epidemic prevention team will hold a meeting to review the epidemic prevention measure plan.

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The Education Bureau stated that when a confirmed case occurs during the winter vacation, the school will distribute the rapid screening reagents to teachers and students who have been in contact with the same class within 2 days, or who have taken off their masks and worked together for more than 15 minutes.

In addition, the Education Bureau pointed out that the central government provided the sixth round of preschool children aged 0 to 6 to receive 1 (5 doses) of quick screening reagents for free from December 1 last year. Teachers, students, and kindergarten teachers within the staff establishment will each have one dose of rapid screening reagent, which will be used during the winter vacation. Teachers and students are reminded to be cautious if they have relevant symptoms, and to seek medical treatment as soon as possible in addition to self-quick screening.

The Education Bureau stated that another batch of rapid screening reagents will be distributed to schools on January 11, reminding schools in the city to complete masks, ear (forehead) temperature guns, alcohol, environmental disinfection products, rapid screening reagents and other anti-epidemic materials before the winter vacation Inventory and preparation, strengthen the disinfection of the open environment of the campus during the winter vacation; publicize the teaching staff and students to complete the vaccination according to the dosage recommended by the central government, avoid entering and leaving public places with crowds and poor air circulation to prevent the spread of respiratory infectious diseases.

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