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[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Song Yimin and Chen Weiling held a press conference a few days ago and did not apologize to "Little Sweet" Zhang Keyun. Now, Xiaotian endured a 5,000-word post overnight, accusing her husband, Mr. Song, of physical violence against her. She also issued a domestic violence protection order. She criticized Song Yimin, Chen Weiling, Bai Jiaqi, and Wu Dongyan to sue her after the injury examination, and kept obstructing her, becoming the perpetrator's accomplices.

Xiao Tiantian revealed that the incident of domestic violence happened on September 18 last year. For nearly 4 months, she has been filming FTV's "Wealthy People in the Market" and she is on the same crew as Wu Dongyan. The friend was so unhappy that no one on the crew noticed. Abnormal.

Wu Dongyan and Bai Jiaqi.

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When Bai Jiaqi was accused of domestic violence by Britney, she and her husband Wu Dongyan stopped the injury test outside the police station, took her home, sang hymns and prayed all night, together with Song Yimin and Chen Weiling, asked Britney to endure it.

She and Wu Dongyan have been on the same production team so far, and they have been forbearing. Yesterday, she broke out in a thousand-character essay, and complained to Wu Dongyan, "How did I accompany you all the way through all the mountains and valleys in the past? Did I always accompany you during your worst life stage?" Get over it, treat you as a family member, how much I have done for you, do you know clearly in your heart? I also came to the church because of you, but now...you use the identity of the group leader, or even the district leader, to come Deepen my wounds, and destroy my trust in people.” Every word and every word revealed that she and Wu Dongyan had broken up and had to work together, and the atmosphere was rather embarrassing.

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☆If you find that children, teenagers, the elderly, and people with disabilities are being treated improperly, or you yourself have suffered from domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, etc., you can call directly by mobile phone, local phone number, or text message (for people with hearing impairment) 24 hours a day "113"☆

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