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Text/Shashan Huairuo

Since last year, my wife and I walked on the embankment in the morning, breathing fresh air every morning, and feeling a fresh and beautiful day, but our mood was spoiled by the litter left in front of us.

Whenever I return from exercise, my muscles and bones are stretched, but my mood is always unhappy.

Until one day, I wanted to say: "I don't care about other places, but at least our exercise route must be kept clean." So I took a plastic bag, walked along the way to exercise, picked up garbage, and exercised in one trip, often Bring one or two packs of garbage back.

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This lasted for a month or two, and the garbage on the northern embankment we walked was much reduced. We were glad that the standard of the villagers had improved and the habit of throwing away garbage was reduced. Some young people will leave a pile of garbage.

One day I bent down to pick up discarded paper bags in front of them, but the next day, they threw a lot of rubbish in front of me.

This made me quite frustrated, questioning their education in my heart, and I couldn't even find the energy to continue picking up trash.

After a while, I changed my mentality and said to myself: Picking up garbage should be regarded as a daily routine, a part of morning exercise.

Thinking back to my 20-30 years of smoking addiction, although I quit smoking in recent years, I still feel that there is some phlegm in my lungs, and this action of bending over to pick up garbage and cigarette butts can just exercise my lungs, and maybe continue to pick up, Maybe it can cure long-term chronic diseases.

Furthermore, "the same rice feeds a variety of people", everyone has his own ideas and styles, and we can't ask everyone to be like himself. If you see other people throwing rubbish and feel very upset, then don't pick it up!

Since you want to pick it up, pick it up willingly. To do this kind of thing is to have a sense of stupidity, and you can't care too much about it.

In summer, it dawns early, and when we do morning exercise at 6 o'clock in the morning, the sun is very hot, and the skin is a little painful, so after discussing it, we decided to change it to 5:30 morning exercise from that day on.

People in the country get up early. In fact, when they go to exercise at this time, some villagers have already returned from exercising.

Because the sea-air trail was built in the north, there were more tourists and it was inconvenient to exercise, so we changed to the south embankment, went up the seawall from the water gate, walked all the way south to Xiaxian Creek, and then turned back. The whole journey is about 4 kilometers. about 1 hour.

We went out early that day. Although the sun had already appeared, it was not too hot, just slightly sweaty. The air on the embankment was very fresh, and the sea water just at high tide was very calm, and I felt very peaceful in my heart.

I picked up the rubbish on the way back, but the rubbish on the shore was much less, and one plastic bag was not enough to fill it. Unlike before, I needed more than two plastic bags at every turn.

I find it kind of weird, just too lazy to get to the bottom of it.

Just as I was walking back to the pumping station, I suddenly passed a young girl, holding a large transparent plastic bag in her right hand, which contained bottles, cans and garbage, and an iron clip in her left hand, obviously a special trip to pick up garbage , walked south in high spirits.

I was delighted and moved to see someone also picking up trash for the seaside in my hometown. Finally, someone cherishes this land and agrees with the behavior of picking up trash, and we will join in the grand event together.

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