[Reporter Yi Huici/Taipei Report] In 2022, the national tax collection will exceed 450 billion yuan. President Tsai Ing-wen recently announced that the remaining 180 billion yuan will be shared with the whole people in addition to reserving some financial resources for emergencies. Premier Su Zhenchang finally The plan of "discovering cash" and repaying taxes to the people has come true.

Now everyone is eagerly anticipating how much money will be given out, but Ku Ling suggested 6,600 yuan, which is equivalent to the price of a big red envelope, because the number is very auspicious.

Lin Zhiqun (left), Kuling.

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Although many people in the civil society look forward to discovering gold, there are also many people who oppose it. The well-known lawyer Lin Zhiqun objected against the wind and said, "When the government is short of revenue, it cannot make ends meet, so it can only borrow money; The handling of the government will only make the government "forever" in debt." He bluntly said, "May I ask, who is going to pay those debts? You and my children, this is the debt to save children and grandchildren."

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Kuling is also a disapproving faction. He has previously called on the government to over-collect 450 billion yuan and not "repay taxes to the people", because the government cannot predict the situation of various tax collections, sometimes it will over-collect and sometimes it will under-collect.

The government's excessive tax collection is not to take advantage of the people. "Why don't you say that the government subsidizes the electricity price so much? Otherwise, everyone will "follow the steps" and the electricity price will increase by two or three times. Who can bear it?"

He also said that there is no one who does not like to take extra money, but it is really wicked for politicians to use this method to incite the people and "blackmail" the government.

If the people really love money so much and are so easy to cheat, then they can simply advocate that "from next year all people don't have to worry about paying taxes", wouldn't everyone be happier?

But now that gold is sure to be found, he suggested, "Isn't 6600 very auspicious? Let's distribute it like this", emphasizing that he still disagrees, and will donate it to the Single Parent Children's Foundation.

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