Fifty Fathoms, the most representative diving watch under Swiss fine watchmaking Blancpain, celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. Blancpain has launched a new Fifty Fathoms automatic diving watch 70th anniversary official website limited edition to celebrate the milestone .

"Fathoms" (Fathoms) is a unit of measurement of length. The Fifty Fathoms is about 91 meters. Blancpain launched the Fifty Fathoms watch for the first time in 1953. It advertised that it was waterproof to 100 meters, which was a rare waterproof depth at that time. The name Fifty Fathoms is to emphasize the waterproof strength of this watch.

As soon as Fifty Fathoms came out, it was affirmed by professional divers with its excellent water resistance, strong double-sealed crown, self-winding movement, dark dial with luminous indication, unidirectional rotating bezel and anti-magnetic protection function, and also laid a solid foundation It confirmed Blancpain's leading position in diving watches.

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On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Fifty Fathoms in 2003, Blancpain launched a commemorative model based on the original model in 1953, retaining the black dial and oversized digital time scales, while adding modern details, including upgrading the waterproof depth to 300 meters and self-winding The movement uses a double barrel, which can provide a power reserve of 4 days. More importantly, it replaces the epoxy resin bezel used in the 1950s with scratch-resistant sapphire water, which is stronger and more durable.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Automatic Diving Watch 70th Anniversary Official Website Limited Edition, price undecided.

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This year’s new 70th anniversary version pays homage to the 2003 version. It has not changed much in appearance. The black dial is decorated with sun rays patterns, with retro luminous hands and block hour markers. The biggest highlight is For the first time, a 42mm dial was used. Before that, the general models of Fifty Fathoms used 45mm, and the limited edition was 40mm.

Equipped with the 1315 model movement, it adopts a set of 3 mainspring structures, which can provide a power reserve of 5 days. The automatic plate is engraved with the "Fifty Fathoms 70th" logo, and it is made of platinum to increase the collection value.

The 70th anniversary edition is specially created for three regions, including EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Asia Pacific and the Americas. Each style is marked with Roman numerals from I to III at 6 o'clock below the dial, and each model is limited 70 pieces, only sold on Blancpain official website.

The automatic disk is made of platinum, which symbolizes eternity. It is printed with the words of the 70th anniversary, which increases the value of collection.

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