Lin Yicheng, director of colorectal surgery, said that through the multi-specialty integrated medical treatment team for colorectal cancer, discussing and formulating the treatment process for exclusive patients will help improve the quality of medical treatment.

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[Reporter Wang Shanyan/Chiayi Report] The 90-year-old grandfather Zhang noticed that his bowel habits had changed in recent months, accompanied by mucus and bloody stools. At first he thought hemorrhoids were inflamed, and he was diagnosed with rectal cancer because the symptoms did not improve. He was treated with "Da Vinci's low anterior rectal resection", and he recovered well after the operation. He was hospitalized for less than a week and has now been discharged home to recuperate.

According to Chiayi Christian Hospital, according to the cancer registration report of the National Health Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare last year, colorectal cancer has ranked first among the top 10 cancers for 15 consecutive years. According to data in 2019, the number of people suffering from colorectal cancer was 16,829, and all cancers The number of cases was 121,979, which means that 1 person develops cancer every 4 minutes and 19 seconds.

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Lin Yicheng, director of colorectal surgery at Jiaji, pointed out that in addition to colorectal surgery, the treatment team also integrates imaging medicine, gastroenterology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, etc., holds regular case discussion meetings, improves treatment quality, and obtains SNQ national quality Marked affirmation.

Lin Yicheng said that the fourth-generation Da Vinci surgical system was introduced last year. Through the 10-fold magnification of the three-dimensional effect, the surgical field of view is clearer. There is also an ergonomically designed instrument arm with 7 degrees of freedom and 540-degree rotation. Perform surgery to overcome the limitations of traditional laparoscopic surgery for rectal cancer, reduce the chance of nerve injury, allow patients to recover faster after surgery, and reduce the number of hospital stays. The National Health Insurance Department has also announced that "Da Vinci's low anterior rectal Resection" is included in the health insurance benefits, so that patients have new treatment options.

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